Fun with Anthony Gonzalez – Coco on BluRay

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photo credit: Natasha Nicholes
photo credit: Natasha Nicholes

Coco is the Disney/Pixar movie that warmed our hearts in 2017, and we were lucky enough to spend some time with it’s star Anthony Gonzalez, during our Black Panther Event junket. Anthony, who sang for us during an authentic Mexican dinner at El Paseo Inn on Olvera St, shared so much with us during that night.  Here are some fun facts we learned from Anthony:

He’s a Homeschooler

Anthony mentioned this in passing, but he and his siblings are homeschooled! His whole family was at the dinner with us, and it was great to see this young man speak so eloquently about his experience at Miguel in Coco. It reminded me why we started homeschooling our own kids — to allow them to say yes to their dreams, and freely experience all the awesome adventures that come their way.

Miguel and Anthony Have Something In Common

Anthony says that if he had to choose one trait that he and Miguel both share, it’s determination. Anthony is a wonderful singer, just like Miguel, and he says that Miguel’s determination to make his dreams come true is something that they share. There are many other traits they share, like their love of family. It’s like Anthony was made for this role, and if you haven’t seen Pixar’s Coco yet, you’ll see exactly what I mean on February 27th, when it’s released on BluRay!

Coco family photo

He Learned So Much About Dia de Los Muertos

Anthony was familiar with The Day of the Dead, but filming Coco gave him even more insight into this cherished holiday. From putting your family members photos on the alter, to all of the fun food, Anthony told us that he was so grateful to learn about all of these things that connect him to his ancestors on this special day.

He’s a Born Entertainer

Anthony isn’t new to entertaining for a crowd. He and his siblings used to sing on the famous Olvera St. When we spoke with Anthony, he told us that he’s looking forward to singing more over the next few months during the special Pixar Coco tour. If you’d love to see him sing live (believe me, you do), be sure to follow him on Instagram for more details.

It was fun to chat with Anthony Gonzalez, and learn so much about him.

Pixar’s Coco will be on released BluRay on February 27th!

Yes! Disney/Pixar’s Coco will be released on BluRay on February 27th! It’s already available on Digital, so if you don’t want to wait, be sure to download it now. But, you are BluRay lovers like our family, mark your calendar and pre-order it now.

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