Creating Magic with Costume Designer Paco Delgado – A Wrinkle In Time

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Creating Magic with Costume Designer Paco Delgado - A Wrinkle In Time 6

Paco Delgado is the lead Costume Designer for A Wrinkle In Time, and if you’ve seen the beautiful creations in the posters and trailers for the movie, you’ll quickly realize how monumental his role has been throughout the creation of this film. We were able to sit down with Paco and learn all about his work process, where he finds inspiration for his work, and what it’s like to dress some of the most phenomenal women in history.

photo credit: Louise Bishop/
photo credit: Louise Bishop/

It All Starts With The Script

Paco says it all starts with the script. He reads the whole script to get the feeling of each character, and to see what kinds of costumes they will need to complete the scene. A Wrinkle In Time challenged Paco, because the Mrs. were every special characters, with a unique way of excluding who they are in their clothing.

“Basically, there’s a lot of information in the script.  In the script you read things like: she wakes up in the morning, or she goes and takes the bus. There are really tiny things they always tell you) to help you) understand things. 

In this movie, these celestial beings don’t wake up in the morning.  They don’t have any porridge in the morning. You don’t really know what they are doing because they don’t behave like human beings.”

Creating Magic with Costume Designer Paco Delgado - A Wrinkle In Time 3

Deciphering The Mrs. of A Wrinkle In Time

It was very interesting to hear Paco’s view of the Mrs., especially Mrs. Which (played by Oprah Winfrey) and Mrs. Who (played by Mindy Kaling). His interpretation of them, after reading the book and script, inspired each part of their intricate costumes. Mrs. Which is known as the warrior, and Mrs. Who is known as an entity who has evolved past words, so Paco used these details to his advantage.

“Oprah’s character was a warrior; she was fighting in the universe against the forces of evil.  And she was originally a supernova that exploded and became all this energy.  Then you already know, Oprah’s character has to be energy.”  

Creating Magic with Costume Designer Paco Delgado - A Wrinkle In Time 5

“Mindy’s character is very playful; you see the way she engages with the children, and the silly things she says to the children.  Then you think, well, this is very playful.  She has to have another form (on the) outside that has to be interesting and fun. Mrs. Who speaks with quotes from books.  Then I thought, well, this lady’s a super librarian of the universe.



She has all the culture of the universe into herself.  Then, we can draw things from every culture in the world, like Japanese, African prints,  and South American embroidery.”

Creating Magic with Costume Designer Paco Delgado - A Wrinkle In Time 1

Viewing The Cast As Colleagues

Paco was tasked with dressing some of the biggest powerhouse women in the industry, and worked with one of the most influential directors of our time, Ava DuVernay. What is it like to work with these women who have valid opinions, ideas, and input when it comes to their roles in a film, and their wardrobe? We wanted to know how Paco handled the brevity of being in this position. He says you have to view them as colleagues, and get past the fear.

“The thing is, at the end of the day, you have to put your head in a mind-frame to think she’s Oprah Winfrey for everyone, including me.  But now that I’m walking into her office, and I’m going to talk to her, she’s my colleague, I’m going to talk to a colleague.”

Creating Magic with Costume Designer Paco Delgado - A Wrinkle In Time 4

The Pressure Of A Timeline

Creating visual masterpieces for A Wrinkle In Time, for intergalactic and celestial beings, and doing it on a tight timeframe, had to have been stressful for Paco. He admitted that it can bring on stress, but he immediately decides to adapt a unique mindset — envisioning the talent disliking his creations.

“This is a race to the finish, always.  You have a deadline to produce these costumes.  You have to make drawings.  You have to put them in motion.  You have to find a workshop to make them.  You have to have a fitting.  You have to put them in front of the camera to test them.  And one day, they have to be in the movie. You have to calm yourself. I always think, well, they are gonna hate it.  That’s it.  And then once I think they’re gonna hate it, I feel so relieved, because I think the only thing that can happen is it will get better.”  

Creating Magic with Costume Designer Paco Delgado - A Wrinkle In Time 2

Paco’s passion for this film, and his job, was so electric! We enjoyed ever minute with him.

A Wrinkle In Time is in theaters now!


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