Family Fun For College Basketball Season

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Family Fun For March Madness heroThis post is sponsored by The National Frozen & Refrigerated Foods Association (NFRA). All opinions are my own. See for more recipes & tips.

College basketball finals are in full effect! Since our move to Columbus, Ohio, we’ve learned how to root for the home teams. While sports watching was a fun family pastime for us in New Jersey, living in the land of THE Ohio State University has changed the way we enjoy our teams of choice. This college basketball season, we’re rooting for OSU (obviously), and we’re getting serious about our snacks.

I mean, you can’t watch the Sweet 16 without a platter of delicious fare to chomp down during the games. Here in our house, it’s not a family event without snacks. So, I rounded up our food troops of choice: pizza and soft pretzels.

Family Fun For March Madness

A quick trip to our local Giant Eagle hooked us all the way up. We went straight to the Giant Eagle freezer aisles to grab a few boxes of frozen pizza and pretzels. It was actually difficult to choose a pizza, because Giant Eagle had so many options. Pepperoni? Cheese? Three Meat? I wanted them all!

Family Fun For March Madness 2

I decided on the Giant Eagle Four Cheese and Self-Rising Pepperoni pizzas. We have fans of both versions in the house, and because of the price, I didn’t feel like I had to choose just one. Affordable snacks make me happy.

Family Fun For March Madness 4

When we got home, I placed all of our goodies in the oven, while the kids played on the couch, waiting for the game to start. It took me mere minutes to get the snacks all ready. We enjoyed our lovely pizza and pretzels platter, while deciding which freshman on the team will be our family’s favorite over the next few years.

Family Fun For March Madness 8

Another reason we’re enjoying this year’s college basketball fun? We get to eat on the couch. This is a rare occurrence in the Martin household, so that makes this family experience even more special.


Family Fun For March Madness 5

The pizza and pretzels platter was a big hit. I’m so glad we decided to take a trip to Giant Eagle to stock up on frozen snacks.

Family Fun For March Madness 7

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Who are you rooting for this college basketball season? Let us know below!

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