How A Military Mom Keeps It Together – Military Hour

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Premier Protein. All tips, tricks and opinions are my own.How A Military Mom Keeps It Together - Military Hour hero

As of this coming April, I will have been a military member for 18 years. 18 years of uniforms, deployments, and juggling family life with government life. It’s been a marathon full of twists, turns and births of babies, but there are a few things I learned early on as a military member and a mom. The secrets to how a military mom keeps it together aren’t all that secret, but I want to share them with you.

Plan It All

I really love winging it, but winging it doesn’t love me. When I don’t write down my duty days, the kids’ activities, date nights, doctors appointments, and even the dates I’m eligible for promotion, my life is a hot mess. I plan every little thing I can, so nothing is able to sneak up on me.

How A Military Mom Keeps It Together - Military Hour 1

Endurance Matters

Remember how I said I needed to have everything planned and written down? Well, that also means I need to execute those things. Being in the military, I’ve learned a lot about execution. For my specific job, if I don’t execute, people can get seriously hurt, or worse. The only way I can execute all that I need to do in my military life, and in my family life, is to work on my endurance. It all has to get done, but not all at once. My body wouldn’t be able to handle that. So I work on my physical endurance by filling it with what it needs. Water, vitamins, and protein. Protein is my secret weapon. I make it easy by stocking Premier shakes in the house. They’re hormone free shakes with 30g of protein, 1g of sugar, 160 calories. Since they are the only retailer who stocks Premier Protein shakes, I run to Costco to grab them. I keep these shakes around for busy days (which is everyday), and get things done.

How A Military Mom Keeps It Together - Military Hour

Resource Responsibly

What kind of resources do you have in place to rock your work/life balance? Long ago, I realized I needed to streamline things. I needed to streamline how I took care of my uniforms, our homemaking routine, and even where we shopped for groceries and all other household supplies. Costco has been at the top of the list, especially since we moved into our first home. Plus, Costco has been a big supporter of military families, and if a brand supports us, we definitely support them.

How A Military Mom Keeps It Together - Military Hour 2

Military Hour

Celebrate active duty military, veterans and their families at a special shopping event!

On Saturday, March 24, 117 Costco warehouses nationwide invite the military community to attend Costco Military Hour. Take advantage of an exclusive new membership offer for the military who join Costco as a new member.

For more info on the membership offer, check out the link:

Already a Costco member? to check participating locations and RSVP to the shopping event.

Although these are my secrets for how this military mom keeps it together, I hope these tips will help you conquer your busy mom life, day by day.

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  1. 3.21.18

    As always, I thank you for your service.

    And as always, I thank you for sharing the ways you keep your home and family and the rest of your life running as smoothly as possible!! You’re a machine!! (That’s a compliment!)