Top 20 Things Most People Waste Money On

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Top 20 Things Most People Waste Money On

It’s official: people waste money. Whether we know it or not, there is always something most people waste money on. Food, wants that we view as needs, and other small items manage to cut a whole in our wallets. Those small things can add up fast. In our Facebook group, we often discuss things we waste money on, and give one another solutions to save on these items. This small list are the top 20 things we’ve agreed most people waste money on, including ourselves.

    1. Eating Fast Food
    2. Eating at Restaurants
    3. Cable TV
    4. Electronics
    5. Groceries
    6. Online shopping (sorry, Amazon)
    7. Late fees
    8. Bank fees
    9. Coffee
    10. Clothes
    11. Kids clothes
    12. Makeup
    13. Monthly subscriptions
    14. Cigarettes
    15. Date nights
    16. Adult beverages (blame it on the…)
    17. Gym memberships
    18. Bottled water
    19. Entertainment
    20. Trips to the salon

Most of these cut me right to the core, because we used to waste money on them (or still do). The best part is there are solutions to cutting down or eliminating most of these, and start saving immediately.

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Do you agree with this list? What’s something you think most people waste money on?

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  1. 3.23.18
    Marty said:

    Going to have some fun answering this. Thanks for a good read.

    1-2. It is nice to get out once in a while, but these do add up, so need to budget and maintain control.
    3. We cut the cord, but cable co. runs the wifi networks, not cheaply might I add.
    4. Always wait for a sale.
    5. Keep the processed and boxed stuff to a bare minimum
    6. Sorry Amazon, I agree. They don’t always have the cheapest prices. Shop around. I like e-bay.
    7-8 Never pay this. Too many options, use a credit union or an ATM on your network.
    9. Refill Keurig reusable pods.
    10-11. Second hand, Dirt Cheap, clearance racks, garage/yard sales and Goodwill.
    12. Yes very expensive. Not for me, but for DW.
    13. Go to library to read mags or books. Netflix and Hulu refer to #3.
    14. Yuk
    15. Second hand movie during matinee and cheap dinner
    16. Occasionally and moderately.
    17. Free on base military.
    18. On sale only.
    19. Budget and plan for this carefully
    20. Not for me. Wife does this only when needed, not every week.

  2. 4.1.18

    Eating Fast Food–don’t eat this but once a month, maybe
    Eating at Restaurants–only if I have a date
    Cable TV–haven’t had this in more than a decade
    Electronics–it took me 5.5 years to upgrade my laptop; and ten years to upgrade my television (from 19″ flat screen to 32″ flat panel lol)
    Groceries–I eat everything that I buy, nothing goes to waste, and I buy only necessities (it helps that I shop for a household of only one 🙂 )
    Online shopping (sorry, Amazon)–this I’m guilty of because the store that I work in doesn’t carry my size in stock
    Late fees–nope, not in 20 years or so
    Bank fees–nope, not in more than a decade
    Coffee–mmmm, coffee
    Clothes–yep, love me my WHBM wardrobe
    Kids clothes–definitely not
    Makeup–once or twice a year
    Monthly subscriptions–yep
    Cigarettes–big definite NO
    Date nights–what are these?
    Adult beverages (blame it on the…)–love me some Not Your Father’s Vanilla Cream Ale
    Gym memberships–it’s not a waste if it motivates me to get my butt off the couch
    Bottled water–I drink from the tap
    Entertainment–books, books, and more books
    Trips to the salon–my rainbow colors are professionally done

    It’s not a waste if you truly budget for them and garner enjoyment from those line items.