How To Save Money On LuLaRoe

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LuLaRoe is a direct sales clothing business that has been on the fashion scene for 5 years, and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere. While LuLaRoe styles are definitely worth the money, there are so many ways to actually save money on LuLaRoe, and even get free or discounted items. Here are all of my tips to help you stock up on some new LuLaRoe items.

How To Save Money On LuLaRoe
Did you know there are ways to save on LuLaRoe? This post shares how to save money on LuLaRoe, without having to sell it.

Search For LuLaRoe Giveaways

Giveaways are one the easiest ways to not only get free LuLaRoe items, but try styles you’ve been wanting to give a go. There’s always a retailer looking to giveaway items to their customers, or attract new customers by giving them gifts. One way to find the most recent giveaways online is to search Facebook and Twitter.

To find giveaways on Facebook, type the words “lularoe giveaway” and the name of the style you’d like to win. For example, typing “lularoe giveaway leggings” will bring up all the graphics, groups, and videos of retailers giving away leggings. On Twitter, you’d use hashtags to your advantage. Use the hashtags of each word, like #lularoe #giveaway and #leggings. Again, you’ll have a long list of options to win those styles you’re wanting to try.

Shop In Person

Here’s the cool part of going to an open house at a retailer’s home, or being invited to a LuLaRoe pop-up: there’s discounts and freebies galore. Great LuLaRoe retailers plan to do fun giveaways, and even offer discounts, during the pop-up. Some even offer door prizes just for you to show up and have a good time. Hostesses of pop-ups qualify for free pieces that they pick out before the guests arrive. Depending on how many items their guests purchase, they can stock up on lots of free pieces. If you get invited to a pop-up or open house, just go. It’s pretty fun.

Join A Membership Club

Many LuLaRoe retailers now offer membership clubs where you can be part of a small group, text or email list. Those groups qualify for hostess rewards, random free items sent to them throughout the month, secret sales and discounts, and more super fun amenities. We have a special monthly membership where we send you hand-selected leggings, add you to a secret Facebook group, and offer specials all month long.

Going Out Of Business

I loathe mentioning this way of saving on LuLaRoe clothing, but it’s one of the ways many ladies are taking advantage of trying new styles without having to pay full price. There are retailers that have decided to not continue with their business, and they have Going Out Of Business, or GOOB, sales. These are done in-person or online. If you are going to use this GOOBs to save money on LuLaRoe, let me at least give you some tips.

  1. Don’t join those big GOOB Facebook groups. More often than not, women are getting burned in those groups. Retailers in question are taking people’s money and not sending out items, or they are sending pieces that the customer did not request, just to get rid of hard to sell items.
  2. Ask around for trusted retailers. The good, yet sad, part of retailers going out of business, is we all probably know one that’s decided to take this step. If you’re looking for someone trustworthy, ask your friends and family. They most likely know a great retailer to send you to.
  3. Pay using the LuLaRoe payment system. If you have to pay for your GOOB items via PayPal, run…far…away. Using the LuLaroe “Bless” system to pay gives you an insurance on your items, in case the retailer decides to not send your items. Most retailers who request you pay via PayPal will ask you to use the “friends and family” option, which means you won’t have any kind of protection or way to get your money back.

Email Lists and Text Alerts

One of the best ways to get the scoop on any kind of special, sale, discount, or freebie is to sign up for a LuLaRoe retailer’s email list for text alerts. If you just don’t have the time to keep up with Facebook groups and Live Streams, many retailers are now sharing their sales schedules and new style launches via email and text message. This is a great way for you to save up money for styles you’d love to get as soon as they are released, or plan ahead for sales that you’d like to take advantage of during the month.

Have you tried LuLaRoe? How do you save money on LuLaRoe?

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  1. 6.7.18
    Jamie said:

    Have you ordered anything from a Lularoe GOOB page? Because I have had no issues and have ordered many things from different retailers. It’s the BEST way to avoid paying inflated Lularoe prices, in my opinion. And now there are many, many GOOB groups. While it is good to advise people of the risks involved with making such a purchase–if you pay via the Bless system or Pay Pal Goods and Services, you really are protected as a consumer and the risk is minimal. And you could always dispute the transaction on a credit card.