Cheapest Ways to Travel – How To Save And See The World

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Looking for the cheapest ways to travel? Here is a list of how you can save money and still see the most amazing places the world has to offer.


Travel season is finally upon us. Summer is here, which means summer vacation is taking over many family households. While many frugal travel writers have their favorite tips and tricks for stretching your vacation budget, I thought it would be great to share some of mine.

Here are the cheapest ways to travel:


It used to be Sundays were the best days to find deals on travel, whether it was a hotel room, flight, or rental cars. Tuesdays are the new weekday of choice for frugal travelers. Set an alarm every Tuesday to check websites like, for the best vacation deals of the week.



More often than not, creating a staycation in a nearby big city will save you a ton of money. Even though many of us live near big cities, or live IN a big city, we hardly take full advantage of all of the activities that city has to offer.

Look for weekday deals on museums, zoos, water parks, and concerts in the park. There lots of free and cheap activities in the larger cities during the summer, so plan your staycations around those deals and events.


One of the cheapest ways to travel is to simply get a rental car and drive. This has to be my favorite tip. We love to plan a road trip with our kids, but our constant traveling to see friends and family can put a hurting on our used car. During our family trip, we decided to rent a car instead of putting mileage on our own car.

Here’s the deal with renting a car: look for packages that offer unlimited mileage, or at least a very low price per mile. Also, make sure that rental cars are covered under your car insurance. This will save you money since you won’t have to buy the rental company’s insurance.

Also, if you’re able to rent the car for a longer period of time, the company will be able to give you a better deal. Combine the days of your trip, plus a day before you leave and a day after. 7 days of car rentals tend to yield the best deals, so try to get as close to 7 days as possible.

3 simple ways to save on travel this upcoming vacation season


Travel sites have been giving us frugal travelers some AMAZING sales, to help us travel. Sites like Hotwire have awesome deals going on periodically.

We took advantage of the Hotwire Effect XL Sale last year, which gives you the chance to get 4 star hotels for just $49 per night, in 8 of the hottest cities across the U.S.

We were excited to spend July 4th weekend in Washington D.C., and thanks to this deal, we can save so much money on our staycation (and splurge on a nice dinner out with the kids!). 

3 simple ways to save on travel this upcoming vacation season

When sharing how to save money on travel, what are some tips you tell your friends? Let us know in the comments below!

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    I always tell them to watch flight deals. I follow and use Google flights to track several places I want to go!