How To Shop Amazon Prime Day (And Stay On Budget)

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How To Shop Amazon Prime Day And Stay On A Budget 1

Every July, Amazon blesses us with their Amazon Prime Day, a day to get some of the best deals of the year, and possibly stock up on birthday gifts, holiday gifts, and any other items you’ve been collecting on your Amazon wish lists. While this day is pretty cool for deal seekers, it can wreck havoc on your budget. Here’s how to shop Amazon Prime Day, and stay on budget.

Make A Budget

In order to take full advantage of Amazon Prime Day, you need to create a budget. Sounds simple, right? Here’s the deal: most people don’t give themselves a dollar amount to spend on Prime Day. The result: we overspend and experience end-of-summer shopping regret. Decide on the dollar amount you are willing to spend on Prime Day deals, and stick to it during the day. This also gives you the liberty to grab as many deals as you can, with the amount you’ve agreed upon.

PRO TIP: Purchase an gift card for the budget amount you created. Upload that gift card before you start shopping, and use the gift card as your payment. This will help you stay within the dollar amount. If Amazon says you need a second form of payment after you use that gift card, you’ll cull down your purchases, or call it a day.

SECRET TIP: If you haven’t downloaded the Amazon App yet, you can earn $10 in seconds! Amazon Prime customers who want to try Amazon’s Mobile shopping app for the first time can get a $10 promotional code off their next qualifying $20 order by signing into the app by July 31, 2018.

How To Shop Amazon Prime Day And Stay On Budget

Make A Prime Day Plan

You never know what they will offer at deep discount on Amazon Prime Day, but you can look at past years and pay attention to the trends. Amazon loves to focus on electronics, seasonal items, and even organizational items on Prime Day. You need to decide what kind of products you need, create a list of those items, and then only purchase the deals you listed. Buying a random thing from Amazon because it’s was a “good deal” won’t work for those of us on a budget. Make a plan, friend.

Once your plan is made, you can even create an Amazon wish list for each category you are giving yourself permission to shop. Create an electronics list, a book list, a games list, school supply list, etc. This will help you with the next step.

Pre-Shop Amazon Prime Day Deals

Remember those wish lists I mentioned above? Filling those lists NOW will help you take full advantage of the Prime Day deals. Spend time now finding items to fill your lists. On Amazon Prime Day, all you’ll have to do is review your wish lists, scroll down to see which items have the Prime Day button underneath them, and shop away.

How To Shop Amazon Prime Day And Stay On Budget

Watch Clothing Deals

Amazon has put lots of effort into building up their fashion section, which means we may see some awesome deals on clothing during every Amazon Prime Day in the future. There are already some great $10 clothing deals on Amazon right now, and the Prime Day is still a few days away. Make a wish list of clothing items for you, your spouse and your kids. This is going to be a great time to stock up on back-to-school clothing, and you can complete your shopping in a day or less.

Amazon Subscription Deals Are Killer

While I enjoy seeing the Amazon Prime Day deals, the best deals our family has gotten are on subscriptions. From toilet paper deliveries during my “i’m too pregnant to shop” days, to my newest obsession, Audible, we’ve always gotten the best deals on Amazon subscription services. Here are the best Amazon Prime Day subscription deals, so far:

Become an Amazon Prime Member (our favorite deal)

Subscribe to Audible

Toilet Paper Subscribe and Save

Want more tips to rocking Amazon Prime Day? Check out this page on Amazon: Prime Day Guide 2018

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I hope these tips on how to shop Amazon Prime Day and stay on budget will help you rock this year’s deals. Do you have any tips to share? Please leave them in the comments below!

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  1. 7.12.18
    Kim m said:

    Great tips but I think it’ll be easy for me to stay on budget since I never seem to find anything! Is it only me who doesn’t love prime day???

    • 7.13.18
      Ty said:

      Kim, your not alone. I get excited about Prime Day and each year I can’t find one deal.