The Big Mistake Our Entrepreneurial Family Made – HealthPlan USA

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“I am in partnership with HealthPlan USA and they have provided me with compensation for this campaign. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.”

The Big Mistake Our Entrepreneurial Family Made - HealthPlan USA

Almost 2 years ago, we made 3 very big changes in our family. We moved our family to a new state, 9 hours away from the neighborhood where I grew up and we raised our kids. We bought our first home, and learned quickly how being a homeowner is a job all on its own. We also decided that this was the perfect time for my husband and I to start a business together. He left his state job, and we left our home state.

This was such an exciting time for everyone. The kids were getting their own rooms, my husband was going to put energy into ventures he’d been dreaming about, and I finally had him home with me, and not doing a dangerous job while being away from home 12 hours daily. We packed, we planned, and we felt right at home once we reached Ohio. While we hit every task and detail for moving, and tried to get this new homeowner thing down, we forgot about one very important thing: health insurance.

The Big Mistake Our Entrepreneurial Family Made

When health insurance is covered by your employer, you get used to not “paying” that bill. It’s taken out of your check, your Human Resources office has you sign the right papers, and all you have to do is make you doctors’ appointments. When you become an entrepreneur, all of that goes out the window. I didn’t remember that health insurance was going to be on us from now on, so I didn’t budget for it. We had a period where none of us were on health insurance. What a rookie entrepreneurial mistake. I felt ashamed and embarrassed this slipped through my extremely long to-do list, and that I had to then find the budget to pay for health insurance. It was a very stressful time.

The Big Mistake Our Entrepreneurial Family Made - HealthPlan USA

HeathPlan USA – A Tool For Entrepreneurs

Once I got my life together, I also realized that there were many resources out there to help entrepreneurs, and families on tight budgets, afford the health insurance plans they require. This is why I jumped at the chance to sign up for HealthPlan USA.

HealthPlan USA is not insurance or intended to replace insurance, but they do offer substantial discount programs and services to help put you in control of your health care costs.

HealthPlan USA is a membership service, and includes these 5 major benefits:

  • Virtual Doctor Visits – Consult with a doctor by phone, secure video or the MDLive App (for free)
  • Dental Service Discounts – 15%-50% discount per visit. Includes specialty services such as orthodontics and periodontics.
  • Vision Care Discounts – Deep discounts on medical eye exams, laser surgery, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses.
  • Prescription Drug Discounts – at participating pharmacies, including Walgreens, Walmart, Target, Rite-Aid, and CVS.
  • Health Advocate™ Solutions – help with untangling medical bills and insurance claims, arranging second opinions, transferring medical records, and assisting with eldercare and related healthcare issues.

I love that HealthPlan USA has no health restrictions and there isn’t any paperwork to fill out. Plus, the monthly subscriptions are extremely affordable, especially for our entrepreneurial family of 5. Access to the virtual healthcare is given immediately, and you’ll receive your discount cards and partial list of providers in the mail. There’s no registration fee and HealthPlan USA offers a 30-day money back guarantee, so it’s perfect for those of us who like the option of trying out this new service with no risk.

Having HealthPlan USA as an option for our family when it comes to our health insurance is so refreshing. With kids in the house, and 2 entrepreneurs who are always on the go, having health care coverage is essential. I’m so glad I learned my lesson, and now have resources like HealthPlan USA to help us keep health insurance affordable for our very tight budget.

To learn more about HealthPlan USA, feel free to visit their website:

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