ALDI Grocery Store Hacks You Need To Know

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Do you have a new ALDI grocery store in your neighborhood? Check out these ALDI grocery store hacks most people don't know about!

ALDI has become a big catalyst in our family sticking to our $64 grocery budget. We use a slew of ALDI grocery store hacks to not only stay within budget, but to treat our family to some of the finer things in the Baller On Budget lifestyle. Here are some of the secrets we’ve discovered while shopping at ALDI.

ALDI Grocery Store Hacks

Buy Whole Bean Coffee

If you’re a coffee drinker, the whole bean coffee is going to completely impress you. The coffee options at ALDI are already pretty phenomenal price wise, but the whole bean coffee can rival some of the best coffees you’ll find in Europe. The whole beans are shocking fresh, which means they are extremely affordable for what they offer.

Watch The Ounce Per Price

One of the ways you can go over budget at ALDI, and any other grocery store,  is by not paying attention to ounces. For example, their orange juice options are limited but they do have differences. Because of packaging, you could be paying an extra 5 cents an ounce for the same OJ. Always check the price per ounce to get the best deal.

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The Weekdays Matter

If you’re looking for an even better deal on your ALDI groceries, plan your shopping trips for the day before your weekly ALDI ad is posted. Here’s the weird thing: ads are posted during different days of the week, depending on where you live. Most ads go live on Wednesdays, while some go live on Sundays (check out the ALDI ad page to find out when yours goes live). If your ad goes live on Sunday, you better be at ALDI on Saturday to get the mark down meats from the week.

Want to take advantage of that week’s deals? Get your bottom to ALDI early Sunday morning. Most deals have a limited amount of inventory, so you’ll need to be fast when getting them. You could also dumpster dive in the back of your local ALDI a little after midnight to get these things for free, but that’s a whole other post (and may be illegal where you live).

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Get The European Items

ALDI – which is short for Albrecht DIscount –  is a company that started in Europe, so the european items in the store are top notch (see my coffee hack above). If you went through the store, and only purchased the european items, you’d immediately save a ton of money.  From chocolate, to frozen delicacies, you’re going to be shocked by what you find.

Go Seasonal

Like their relative Trader Joe’s, ALDI has some the best seasonal items around. Just ask an ALDI addict (that’s me) how great the Pumpkin pasta sauce is, and why they feel validated clearing the shelves of it every year.

The best part of seasonal items is that they are always offered at reasonable prices, so you don’t have to break your budget to treat your family. Fill up that reusable bag. We won’t tell.


Double Buy Back Guarantee

Did you know that ALDI offers a double buy back guarantee? If you don’t like an item, bring it back to the store with your receipt, and they will not only refund your money, but suggest another version AND GIVE IT TO YOU FOR FREE. Well, the item must be the same price as your original item to get the new item for free. If the new item is more money, they will subtract the amount of the original item from your bill. DUDE. You can basically try anything in the store, risk free.

What some of the ALDI grocery store hacks you’ve discovered? Share them below!

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