Ultimate List of ALDI Haul Videos

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Are you an ALDI lover? You have to check out this ultimate list of ALDI haul videos from YouTube.

I’ve gone down the rabbit hole of watch grocery haul videos. I mean, it makes sense. Since I love sharing grocery shopping tips, and I create ALDI haul videos, becoming obsessed with them is only natural.

This post contains the ultimate list of ALDI haul videos you need to watch if you love hauls, and your puffy heart ALDI like I do.

Ultimate List of ALDI Haul Videos

Of course, I have to show you our ALDI haul videos! We love to do them each week or every two weeks, and share why we get the items we get.

Sarah from Our Tribe of Many mixes her monthly ALDI hauls with her other hauls, but I’m always so shocked to see how much she can get for her family of 11.

Tiffany from Simple Wife Simple Life shared her healthy $56 ALDI haul for her family of 4. Gotta love a small budget grocery haul!

Caitlin Shoemaker is vegan, and it was so cool to see her vegan ALDI haul video and all the delicious things she purchased:

Jeff from Hench Herbivore also shares his vegan ALDI haul video, and boy is he entertaining to watch (and has an awesome accent)!

Amanda from This Crazy Life shares her $98 ALDI haul video for her family of 5:

Elizabeth, the Countess of Low Carb, shares her ALDI haul video that focuses on her favorite Keto and Low Carb items from ALDI:

The Catalans from LiveLikeNoOneElse are one of my favorite families on YouTube, so it was fun to see them do an ALDI haul video while exploring the grand opening of their new store:

Heather from Weight Watchers with Heather shares her ALDI haul video full of SmartPoints goodies!

Are you trying the Whole 30 diet? Rachel from PainFreeKitchen shares her ALDI haul video full of Whole 30 compliant items:

Do you watch ALDI haul videos? What channel does the best job sharing their hauls? Let us know in the comment below!

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