Francesca Battistelli has a new album! – Own It

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Francesca Battistelli has a new album! - Own It

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The holidays are my favorite time to blast music in our home. I mean, we blast music all year round, but this is the time I feel like the praise and worship songs we listen to reach deep within our hearts. So, when I found out that , and I was able to get an early listen, I was so excited.

If you aren’t familiar with Francesca, you need to get familiar. , and her song “Holy Spirit” has been on my faith music playlist for a while. Francesca’s new album, Own It, shares her past enthusiasm for leaning on God, while also believing in the power He’s put inside of you. When asked what it was like to created Own It, Francesca mentioned prayer as the catalyst for the completion of each song.

“I thought I had a handle on what this album was going to be, but my husband and I prayed before every songwriting session, and God gave me a completely different set of songs than I was expecting.”

Francesca Battistelli has a new album! - Own It

The big hit of Own It, so far, is “The Breakup Song”. This song focuses on breaking up with fear, and letting God work His blessings into your life. I love “The Breakup Song”, but there are a few other favorites of mine from this album.

“This Could Change Everything” immediately pumped me up when I first heard it. It’s the song I play in the morning, while I brush my teeth and get ready to tackle the day ahead. It’s an anthem I know I’ll turn to for years to come.

“Royalty” dug deep into my heart with its lyrics. This song repeatedly makes me cry when I hear it. Hearing that we are “crowned in dignity” reminds me that my Father is holy, which makes me a sacred creation that he has uniquely made. I mean, it gives me chills just typing it.

Ending the album with “Freedom” was genius on Francesca’s part, because it gets our whole family excited to worship and dance. We gather in the kitchen and yell out the words. This whole album is truly amazing.

Good news: Own It is available to purchase now!  Once you grab your copy, let me know in the comments which song is your favorite.

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