Allison and tWitch talk Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings

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I still remember my wedding day vividly. It wasn’t extremely lavish, but it was so much fun. If only we were able to have all of that fun while having a Disney Fairy Tale wedding! To tell you the truth, I would rather be the event planner of a Disney wedding, or the host of a show that makes those weddings come to fruition.

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings

Basically Allison Holker and Stephen “tWitch” Boss are living my dream life as the hosts of Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings and this year’s Pop Up Santa event on Freeform.

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Both specials are part of Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas, and we had the chance to sit down with Allison and tWitch to talk about their holiday traditions and what it’s like to be part of two shows that make dreams come true.

Allison Holker Twitch Christmas Whoville
photo courtesy of Allison’s Facebook page

7 Fun Facts About Allison and tWitch

  1. They love to dress up with their kids for the holidays. Whether it’s dressing up like citizens of Whoville, or keeping it traditional with Santa Claus and all of his elves, they go all out every year.
  2. The reason they dress up every year? So they’re kids will hopefully be embarrassed by the photos when they’re older. Ha!
  3. Yes, they do make DIY ugly Christmas sweaters with their kids. Did I mention they love the holidays?
  4. This is their first year hosting the Pop Up Santa specials on Freeform, and they hope they’ll get to do it for years to come.
  5. Allison was very excited and touched by the Fort Owen episode of Pop Up Santa because her brother was stationed there. In that particular episode, they host 75 mamas to a surprise baby shower!
  6. tWitch loves Disney’s attention to detail when it comes to making dreams come true on a daily basis. He said it’s amazing how they can make every interaction within their parks, stores, and films feel like it was personalized for each guest.
  7. Allison says that the Disney work ethic has surprised and astounded her. Seeing how hard they work to make magic is so amazing to watch.

Disney's Fairy Tale Weddings EPCOT

This year “Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic” is going to feature an magical Mary Poppins Returns theme, an appearance by Lin-Manuel Miranda and a performance by music superstar Martina McBride! 

“Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings: Holiday Magic” premieres on Freeform on Saturday, December 8th at 8:00 pm ET.

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