How To Prep For Sickness During The Holidays

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Vicks at Walmart. All tips, tricks, and experiences are my own.

It’s the holiday season, and we’re already feeling the busyness of it all. From shopping, to community activities and catching up with friends and family, our family is officially on-the-go.

While the excitement of it all is great, it does mean that there might be times when cold and flu symptoms could try to ruin the fun. Luckily, there are specific things you can do to prevent and prep for sickness during the holidays.

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Keep Those Hands Clean

One of the best things we’ve implemented, especially during the holiday season, is washing hands as soon as we get home. The kids take off their coats, shoes, then make their way to our guest bathroom to wash hands. Simple soap and hot water, along with thorough hand washing, is all you need to eliminate germs. Get your kids to wash their hands as soon as they walk through the door, and it will become a habit all year round.

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Stop Sharing

When you have 3 kids who are obsessed with one another, they love to share all the things. Lip balm, drinks, snacks, all of it. Well, guess what? When they do that, and one of them has cold or flu symptoms, all of us might as well have the same symptoms. Remind your kids that sharing is awesome, but not when it comes to anything that goes near your mouth or eyes. 

Change Your Sheets

Changing your sheets is such a time-saving tip that we sometimes forget to do during the busy holiday season. Set an alarm in your phone to change your sheets before the start of the week. If anyone in the house start to experience cold or flu like symptoms, change their sheets immediately. 

How To Prep For Sickness During The Holidays

Stock Up and Shop Smart

Listen. With all of the running around you’re going to be doing this season, and the possibly of the sniffles happening, you need to stock up on supplies. Grab Vicks from Walmart, and make sure you have enough on hand to help you and your family get rid of those cold and flu symptoms as quickly as possible.

Vicks products provide relief from the toughest cough, cold, and flu symptoms. Plus, products with new VapoCool provide a rush of Vicks vapors. When you get your Vicks Holiday Fix, those symptoms won’t keep you down for long.

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You also won’t have much time to shop during this busy season, so take full advantage of Walmart’s Grocery Online Pickup. Order your groceries and Vicks products from the comfort of your home (or in the car line during school pickup), at, and head to your local Walmart to pickup your groceries. No need to walk through the aisles when you have other things to do and celebrate. Walmart’s got you covered, because they actually bring your order right out to your car.

Did I mention the many ways to save on Vicks at Walmart? Well, you know how much I love to save. Here are some cool ways you can save when stocking up on Vicks:

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Have you tried any of these time-tested tips? Do you use Walmart’s Online Grocery Pickup to streamline your busy holiday season? 

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  1. 12.8.18
    June S. said:

    (HOW TO PREP FOR SICKNESS DURING THE HOLIDAYS) Yes the joys of getting sick during this time of year can be very tiresome. My five year old grandson has had a couple of bad colds already since he started school back in September. Mom & Dad were right on it though.