How To Advocate For Better Health Insurance For Women

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I’m a mom of 3 kids. 2 boys and 1 girl. The idea of being a mother to a girl hits me on a daily basis. There is a difference in raising each of my kids, and that even comes down to better health insurance, especially for my daughter.

Better Health Insurance for Women

If you’re a parent of a girl, I know what you’re probably thinking. Better health insurance? Is this yet ANOTHER thing we have to worry about? Yes, friend. As a woman, you probably already know the disparities between health insurance coverage for us, compared to the health insurance coverage for our mail counterparts.

This shouldn’t be a shock to us. Even when our little girls are small, pediatricians ask questions that they may not ask a boy mom. As a mom of both, I noticed this early on in my motherhood journey. It makes sense; we develop differently from men. What shouldn’t be different are the options we have when it comes to our health.

The options women have for the drugs our bodies can use once we’re diagnosed with something, should be the same as men. What’s good for the goose, etc.

Equal Care Should Be Required

When it comes to a diagnosis of low sexual desire, like hypoactive sexual desire disorder, there is a big drug disparity: there are many options for men, only one for women. In addition, insurers don’t cover women.

For decades, the majority of US men with prescription insurance have received coverage for medications that treat their most common sexual disfunction. Today, 98% of most commercially insured men have coverage for these treatments. Shouldn’t women have equal benefits?

Demand equal care:

I’m passionate about this, not because it will benefit women of today, but because one day my own daughter will be old enough to advocate for herself. If we can do the dirty work for our girls NOW, it’ll be one less thing they have to fight for in the future. Equal care is important. Period.

Are you a mom of a girl? Have you noticed the health insurance differences we have as women, compared to men?

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