Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Updates

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The Latest Updates for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The room was abuzz during the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge panel at Star Wars Celebration 2019! Here are updates the imagineers and Lucasfilm executives shared with us, in anticipation of the May 31st Disneyland opening and August 29th Walt Disney World opening.

Galaxy’s Edge Panel members

When names like Doug Chiang are in the mix for the development of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, you know you’re in for a treat. Here’s the full list of the panel members:

  • Doug Chiang
  • Scott Trowbridge
  • Matt Martin
  • Margaret Kerrison
  • Asa Kalama
  • Chris Beatty
  • Matt Martin

What a line-up! We learned so much from these geniuses, including all about the food and shopping.

Intergalactic Food and Shopping

Doc Ondar’s shop is where you’ll find all the Star Wars easter eggs, and unique items you won’t find anywhere else in the galaxy.

Savi’s workshop is where you’ll build your own lightsaber. If you build it right, it just may be a completely unique design.

Ronto, a space meat roasted over an open flame, will be one of the featured food items. Mynock jerky will also be a fan favorite, as well as blue and green milk.

We can forget about the drinks. The big announcement was that Coke products would be available within the parks, but in the form of Aurebesh-laden grenade shaped bottles. Space Coke, you guys. I can dig it.

Rise of The Resistance

One of the most amazing parts of the panel was being able to watch the Rise of The Resistance attraction trailer. We found out the whole trailer was filmed inside of the attraction, which is just about the coolest thing ever. For a peek of the trailer, check out my video tweet.

Fun in the Cantina

We were treated to details about the cantina environment we’ll experience within Galaxy’s Edge. Remember Rex from Star Tours? Well, he’s back and will be spinning the ones and twos within the cantina. DJ Rex will give us some classic cantina tunes, as well as some new droid beats we’ve never heard before. 

I loved hearing the droid version of the cantina music, and even shared it in my Instagram Story highlights. It was like experiencing Chopper at Coachella. Best.

We were told there would be lots of cocktail options within the cantina, to make our stay enjoyable and full of adventure.

The Voices and Music of Galaxy’s Edge

The music won’t stop within the cantina. John Williams was brought on to score the melodies we’ll hear all around the parks. We were also told we may hear a hint of Yoda during some of the experiences, with Frank Oz behind the voice.

Paul Reubens is back as the voice of Rex, which makes long-time Star Wars fans extremely excited for Rex’s return.

Jim Cummings voices the famous smuggler Hondo Ohnaka, who will be our guide during Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. It was incredible to see Hondo in action, as an animatronic character.

A Living Land

Visitors to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be able to use Play Disney Parks app to experience another level to their intergalactic journey.

Within the app, you’ll be able to use a translation device, tuning (to eavesdrop on conversations), interact with droids, look inside cargo, and decide which side you’re on — The Resistance or The Order.

We’ll continue to update this post as new developments arise. What part of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge are you most excited about?

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