Quick & Dirty Way To Watch Star Wars Films

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Hi. My name is Amiyrah, and I’m a Star Wars fan. If you’re new around here, that might be a surprise to you. Feel free to look around at our Star Wars content, and you’ll see how fanatical I am. I’m also a fanatic about how to watch Star Wars Films.

Want a quick and dirty way to watch Star Wars films in order? The secret lies with the Skywalkers.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Like any fan, I’d prefer you to watch every Star Wars film there is (we’re up to 10), and maybe even a TV show or 3. But, you’re on a time crunch, so I’ll share my quick and dirty way to watch Star Wars films. 

Want a quick and dirty way to watch Star Wars films in order? The secret lies with the Skywalkers.
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Skywalker Order

With the upcoming release of the last installment of the Star Wars saga, it’s important we focus on the Skywalkers. The name of the film is Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, so we have no choice, right? Plus, if you love soap operas, this is the best way to watch. Trust me.

If you want to know what these Skywalkers are all about, you gotta start with the daddy. But, you don’t have to start with his childhood. Yeah, I said it. Here is the Star Wars film order I recommend for those looking to learn more about the Skywalker history:

Want a quick and dirty way to watch Star Wars films in order? The secret lies with the Skywalkers.

  • Episode III – Revenge Of The Sith. We hop right into the real story of Anakin Skywalker in this one. You’ll learn why he transforms into Darth Vader (spoiler alert), what brought him to that point, and we get our first peek at the wonder twins, Luke and Leia. We also see the deep connection between Anakin and Obi Wan, which will be essential when we view the next film.
  • Episode IV – A New Hope. Oh snap. This is where it all (technically) began! In this film, we get to catch up with the wonder twins, good old Ben Kenobi, and that grouchy Vader. In all seriousness, the storyline in A New Hope is the main reason Star Wars fans are created. You’ll love it because you get a lot of the Skywalker back story, as well as Luke Skywalker’s history and a peek at his tenacity. That tenacity comes in handy during the next few films.
  • Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back. So. Much. To. Process. I’m biased about Empire because it’s my favorite of all the films, so I’m making it a requirement for you to watch. If I wasn’t biased, I’d still tell you to watch it, because we get to see Luke start his Jedi training, and Leia existing. Leia existing in any of the films is pretty legendary, because she’s such a badass. Anyway. 
  • Episode VI – Return of The Jedi. I won’t give this one away, but it’s the end of the first Star Wars saga so it will give you a feeling of completion. Our Anakin arc come full circle. Luke does and says cool things. Leia continues to kick butt in questionable attire. Skywalker’s be skywalking in this one. 
  • OPTIONAL – Episode VII – The Force Awakens. I’ve written about The Force Awakens like a crazy person on this website, but I will mark it as an optional film in terms of the Skywalker story. We don’t encounter Leia until later in the film, and this is more of a Rey/Han Solo storyline, than anything else. Even the last scene is featured in the beginning of the next film mentioned below. You can skip it, IF YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO.
  • Episode VIII – The Last Jedi.  Remember how we finished the Anakin storyline in Episode VI? Well, this one dabbles with finishing up Luke’s storyline. Once you view the last battle of this film, you’ll agree with me that this film is essential to the Skywalker storyline.
  • Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker. And here we are. The last piece of the Skywalker puzzle. If you haven’t see The Rise of Skywalker yet, just know that this will leave no loose ends for the Skywalker soap opera. In fact, the last scene wraps up this family tree is a controversial way. If you’d like a spoiler-free review of The Rise of Skywalker, we did a post sharing a parent’s honest opinion of the film.
Want a quick and dirty way to watch Star Wars films in order? The secret lies with the Skywalkers.
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There ya go. I just narrowed down your list to 5 Star Wars films. This doesn’t take away from any of the other films (my second favorite Star Wars film wasn’t even included in this list), but if you are looking to hyper focus before the release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, this will do it for you.

I hope this helps, and may The Force be with you!

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker hits theaters December 20th, 2019!

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