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I still remember living that TDY life. As a military mom — a mom who was in the military for 18 years –TDYs and deployments became a mainstay in our family’s routine. The hardest part was being so far away from my kids. The easiest part was using technology to see their faces almost daily.

During my second deployment to Afghanistan, technology was very important for our connection. My daughter was less than 2 years old, and even though I couldn’t see her growth in person, I wanted to be part of it via screens. 

She was able to see mama at least a few times a week, and I was able to see the faces of both of my kids (I was only a mom of 2 at the time). It was comforting. It was needed.

Having tech, and good service, during deployments and TDYs was also great for my marriage. Being apart, and worrying about each other, can really cause strife in a relationship. Because the wifi was reliable, and we were smart enough to update my electronics before I left home, my husband and I were able to continue connect. Yes, that may sound too deep for a few Skype calls, but it’s true. 

During every Military Appreciation Month, I remember all of these sacrifices my family made for me, and how we use technology to keep our family connection a priority,

To give thanks during this Military Appreciation Month, I have partnered with OMMedia and Verizon in giving 15 military moms a $1,000 gift card to show their gratitude. If you or someone you know is a military mom who deserves this benefaction, please nominate them here: 

She can be active duty, part time, a vet, milso, and mother of a solider, as long as she is a mother. You can also go to for more information on this offer! #VZMilitaryMom #brandpartner

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