Affordable Therapy On A Budget

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This is a strange article to write, but therapy is something many feel they can’t afford. When I help fellow moms with their finances, the conversation often comes up about how to find affordable therapy.

Here’s the tea: therapy sessions are not always included in health insurance. Some people have to decide between getting groceries, or having their weekly or monthly therapy session. That shouldn’t be.

Wealthy people go to therapy.

Cheap therapy is a thing, and many if not all of us can afford it. This article shares some options for affordable therapy on a budget.

One of the best ways to do better with your finances is to talk about your relationship with money with a therapist.

Therapy is important. It’s so important that we’re going to share a few ways to find cheap therapy on a budget, and while you are trying to build up your savings and retirement.

The affordable therapy options mentioned below are within $30 to $85 per session, so they are perfect for those of us on a tight budget.

Cheap Therapy Options

There are now great options for having therapy sessions online. If you’ve never gone to therapy, these are great first steps to get you used to talking with a professional.

Better Help and Talk Space are great first steps, since you can choose your plan, pick your match in a therapist, and utilize this connection weekly. It is mostly done via text, but you can talk on the phone or even do FaceTime or Skype sessions.

We also love these options as a family. The marriage counseling cost is pretty low, as well as the cost for family counseling and teen or kids counseling.

In-Person Affordable Therapy Sessions

If you crave being able to talk to someone in-person, sitting on a couch or chair and actually being face-to-face.

Open Path Collective was my saving grace when I realized that not only did we not have therapy sessions covered on our insurance, but that I needed to be able to speak to a therapist without using up all of our budget.

Cheap therapy is a thing, and many if not all of us can afford it. This article shares some options for affordable therapy on a budget.

Low-cost counseling in your area

I love Open Path Collective because it’s a non-profit that works with therapists who are adamant about providing mental health support at a reduced rate.

If you are looking for individual sessions, family sessions, and couples sessions, there are lots of options in your area.

This is also a more affordable way to find a therapist that fits your needs. Instead of spending $100 a session to find the connection, you can spend $30 to $60 per session. 

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Employee Assistance Program

Health insurance may say therapy sessions are not covered, or are only covered within a small amount, but there may be an employee assistance program available to you.

What is the Employee Assistance Program for therapy? 

This is a government work-based program with counselors who are available to discuss personal and work-related problems. If you are a government worker of any kind, EAP should be an option for you.

EAP counselors are usually used when companies go through traumatic experiences, but this may also be an regular option for employees. 

Ask you manager, supervisor, or head of human resources  if the company offers this option. You can also use the work/life contact tool to see if you already have an EAP counselor assigned to your department: Work-Life Agency Coordinators

EAP counselors are only available for short-term support, so you will have to utilize one of the other options above, for long-term help.

Cheap therapy is a thing, and many if not all of us can afford it. This article shares some options for affordable therapy on a budget.

Sliding Scale Therapy – Ask For A Cheaper Rate

I love entrepreneurs, especially entrepreneurial therapists. Why? Because they can choose their own rates. Sliding scale therapy is something therapists may offer to their clients who are have a low income.

The price of your therapy session is based on how much you make per year, so if you make 70,000 a year, you may only pay $50 per session. 

Want to know if a local therapist offers sliding therapy sessions? Ask them.

When making your appointment, explain that therapy sessions are not covered through your insurance. Tell them you wondered if they offer sliding scale therapy sessions, or some other program. 

It doesn’t hurt to ask, right? 

I hope these affordable therapy options help you add counseling to your monthly budget. It is a long-term investment that will make a difference in your building of wealth, and peace of mind.

Did we leave out a cheap therapy option? Let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add it to the post.

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