103 ALDI Special Buys You Need Now

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We are an ALDI family. While I do stop at other stores from time to time, I just can’t miss the ALDI special buys I find weekly.

Heck, when we do our once a month grocery shopping at ALDI, I still find oodles of special buys.

There are so many everyday ALDI items that all newbies need to try, as well as seasonal or special buy treasures everyone must try at least once. 

In this post, we’ll list 100 ALDI special buys you need now. Who are we kidding? We’ll probably list more than 100, but that number just sounds better than 107 or 128.

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How To Find Special Buys In The ALDI Ad

So, ALDI makes it pretty easy to find items they deem as special buys. They give them their own sections in the weekly circulars. 

There’s also a section of items that live in a place ALDI fans love to call “the aisle of shame.” The aisle of shame is a place where you will find magical and sometimes unnecessary things at ridiculously good prices.

We get a whole page of AOS items each week, and yes, these non-food items are legit. If you can splurge on a few of them, do it. You won’t regret it.

How To Use ALDI Delivery To Stock Up

Here’s the tea. If you can’t get to ALDI in time to grab these items, especially the seasonal ones, use a pitch hitter.

Grocery shopping services like InstaCart can help you snag these items. If you get your orders in on the day your ALDI circular starts, you just may be ahead of the game when grabbing these awesome items.

You may have to list any seasonal items as “specialty items” on your virtual grocery list, but this is the big secret for big ALDI fans who are short on time. 

This is one of many ALDI grocery store hacks I love to share, because most of these hack are even more ways to save money. Hacks make life so much easier, don’t you think? 

ALDI Special Buys That’ll Change Your Life

Are you ready for the ultimate list of ALDI items you need to try? Here it is. We’ve sectioned off the items into a few categories to make it easier for you to find them, and add them to your grocery list.

1. whole bean coffee

2. extra virgin organic coconut oil

3. canned Salmon

4. almond milk creamer

5. dried black beans

6. organic ground beef

7. goat cheese (every flavor is fabulous)

8. Avocado oil

9. greek yogurt

10. fresh guacamole

11. chocolate dessert hummus

12. edamame spaghetti

13. vegan sour cream

14. vegan cream cheese

15. parmesan block (not the canned version

16. prosciutto

17. tortilla chips

18. lightly salted popcorn

19. Clancy’s white cheddar cheese popcorn (a Smartfood dupe)

20. any of the block cheese (extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar is our fave)

21. Hard salami

22. milk chocolate peanut butter cups

23. everything bagel seasoning

24. Take and Bake breakfast pizza

25. Dill pickle Kale chips

26. Tikka Masala simmer sauce

27. dark chocolate espresso beans

28. Organic olive oil

29. quinoa

30. Arborio rice

31. Jasmine rice

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32. ALDI specially selected ice cream

33. zero net carbs Keto friendly bread

34. ALDI refrigerated pickles

35. Simms turkey sausage snack sticks

36. Cattleman’s black angus frozen burgers

37. fresh tortellini (we love the chicken and tomato version)

38. Irish cheddar cheese

39. Irish butter

40. Happy Farms pimento cheese spread

41. chocolate chip bioche loaf

42. Take and Bake Italian bread sticks

43. Bone broth

44. Never Any chicken sausage

45. Coho fresh salmon

46. naan bread

47. mango peach salsa

48. frozen avocado chunks

49. refrigerated ravioli

50. G.H. Gretors popped corn caramel and cheddar mix 

51. frozen sea scallops

52. frozen bay scallops

53. Fit & Active 20 calorie frozen bars

54. Vegan frozen meatballs

55. Roseland pork tenderloin

56. Simply Nature dark chocolate and sea salt granola

57. Ready to bake pizza dough

58. romaine hearts

59. canned refried beans

60. Feta cheese – affordable and delicious

61. Frozen Chicken Breasts – perfect for slow cooker meals and Instant Pot meals

62. sea salt caramel almonds

63. cucumber dill tzatziki sauce

64. Tajin (a big ALDI fan fave in the summer)

65. Girl Scout cookie dupes (the samoa version is a fan favorite)

Seasonal Special Buy Items

66. Clancy’s cinnamon and brown sugar sweet potato chips

67. Spiced apple cider packets

68. Goat cheese and plum sauce flatbread

69. pumpkin spice flavored yogurt covered pretzels

70. pumpkin spice coffee creamer

71. pumpkin spice latte cold drink

72. pumpkin spice latter cold brew

73. almond egg nog

74. Any of the Oktoberfest items

75. “ninjabread” gingerbread cookie kit

76. 100% apple cider refrigerated gallon jugs

77. pumpkin and butternut squash pasta sauce

78. organic pumpkin whole grain bread

79. maple leaf creme cookies

80. Belgian cocoa dusted truffles

81. pizzelle cookies

82. frozen toasted ravioli (seasonal and regional)

83. Specialty chocolate chips – the holiday varieties are delicious

84. Galaxy and Unicorn Pancake Mix

85. Burman’s Buffalo Sauce Seasoning

ALDI “Aisle Of Shame” Must-Haves

86. cushion mats for the kitchen

87. cushion mats for the laundry room

88. seasonal cat boxes (halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc)

89. seasonal candles

90. planner kits

91. large letter boards

92. pet costumes for Halloween and Christmas

93. seasonal doormats

94. Crofton cast iron skillets

95. Serra slip-on shoes (a Toms dupe)

96. Ambiano air fryer

97. Ambiano electric kettle

98. Easy Home jumbo microfiber flip mop

99. ALDI tupperware (especially the bento box ones)

100. Crofton mason jars (the larger the better)

101. Sierra 2-pack leggings

102. Crofton stock pot

103. Sierra reversible poncho (these fashions, y’all!)

104. Crouton glass bakeware (rumor has it, it’s actually Anchor bakeware at a better price!)

There are at least 100 ALDI special buys you need to have in your life immediately. This posts shares about 103 of them. Have you tried any of these items?

The Ultimate List of ALDI Items You Must Enjoy

Well, there you are, friends. 103 ALDI special buys you need to have in your life as soon as possible. We will be continuously updating this list, so be sure to pin this post or bookmark it.

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