DIY Cardboard Ice Princess Costume

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One thing I love about last minute Halloween costumes is the ability to be creative. When my girl and I thought of this DIY cardboard ice princess costume using Amazon smile boxes, we remembered last Halloween.

A family lesson we learned: Midwest Halloween costumes need layers.

Last year was our second halloween in the Midwest, and we didn’t realize how cold it can get. Sometimes it’s freezing by the end of October in Ohio, but we’ve never picked Halloween costumes where we had to factor in the weather.

This year, we took on the challenge of creating Boxtume, or a fun costume using Amazon smile boxes, and items we have around the house. Learning from last year’s Halloween, we decided to make a fun costume that works with our puffy jackets.

The ice princess Boxtume idea is a nod to the chilly Ohio weather this time of year, and o course my daughter loving all things princess-related. 

Kid Approved DIY Cardboard Costume

Bonus: my 9 year old created this costume. These are all items you either have in your house (including the jacket and hat) or items you can order from Amazon and have delivered via fast, free shipping if you’re a Prime member.

I let her create her interpretation of an iceberg, and I think she did such a great job!

Below, we’ll show you a quick way to create this ice princess boxtume, and list all the items you’ll need to make it epic.

DIY Cardboard Ice Princess Costume

What you’ll need:

1 Amazon smile box to fit the size of your child
Felt squares in different shades of white and blue
4 to 6 glue sticks
White index cards
Silver fabric ribbon
A tiara
Light blue or white hat
White or light blue puffy jacket or vest
Light blue or white leggings or jeans

How you assemble your iceberg:

  1. Lay the box flat on one side. Take your felt squares and glue to the sides of the box. Be sure to save half of your blue and white squares for the other side of the box.

2. Once your felt squares are positioned and glued, use the index cards to fill in the gaps. You will want to cut up the index cards to turn them into pieces that fit. Bonus points if the pieces are jagged or angular. You’re making a large piece of ice, so get creative!

3. Make sure all brown parts of the Amazon smile box are covered by either felt or index card.

Let felt and index cards dry for an hour.

Measure at 4 feet (or more) of silver ribbon. You will need two 4-feet strips for the final product.

4. Loop the ribbon through the slits on the corners of the box. To make the knot, tie the end of the ribbon to the other part of the ribbon, about 8 inches up. You’re basically making a loop that wraps around the slit of the Amazon box.

Do this on the other side of the box. Once you’re done, you’ll have two arm holes.

Before putting on their iceberg, have your kiddo put on their clothes and puffy coat.

5. Next, have your kiddo step into the box, and slip on ribbons on their shoulders. 

There you go. Your DIY Cardboard Ice Princess Costume is complete! If you’re looking for a last minute Halloween costume that will also keep your kids warm, this is it.

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