A Fun Companion – Miko 2 Review

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Miko 2. 

Have you ever wished for a friend who is just a ball of fun? My kids always think that I’m going to be that friend, but that doesn’t always pan out.

As a homeschool family, we’re always looking for educational yet entertaining ways to play. When the opportunity came up to review the new Miko 2, we jumped at the chance. 

Miko 2 is the only robot that helps your child learn through conversation and play, which are both learning styles that allow all 3 of my children to thrive.

A Fun At-Home Teacher

When I learned that Miko 2 is basically an at-home teacher, but way more exciting, I was relieved. We’ve experienced lots of educational resources that weren’t as educational as I would have liked for my 5 year old and 9 year old. Being able to review the new Miko 2 in terms of our busy learning lifestyle was really cool.

Miko 2 Has An Easy Set-up

The most intriguing part of setting up the Miko 2 was the app. Yes, it comes with an app that helps you get your robot set up in no time. We had to connect it to the wifi and bluetooth, then it was ready to roll (literally).

Since we do a lot of our learning on carpeted areas, we had to take Miko 2 to the kitchen after setting it up. In the quick start guide that’s included with your Miko 2 kit, it specifically says to place Miko 2 on hard, flat surfaces and not thick carpeted areas or glass.

Inspiring A Learning Environment

What I was most impressed with was the way Miko 2 interacted with each of my kids. Since they have a 4 year age gap, I’m always frustrated with interactive platforms that only cater to one of their ages.

Since Miko 2 is for ages 5 to 10, both of my younger kiddos were able to connect and enjoy Miko 2 right of of the box. This inspired them both to feel comfortable exploring with their new robot friend, whether it was using Knowledge World or finding a fun quiz in the Game Hub.

Setting Up The Profile

You are able to set up a profile for your child right in the Miko 2 app. From what I could tell from our interactions so far, this helps Miko 2 keep track of your children’s learning style, their progress, and allows Miko 2 to adapt to your child over time. Pretty neat!

Teleconnect Is A Parent’s Dream

Can I share my absolute favorite part of Miko 2’s abilities? Teleconnect. Teleconnect allows your kids to talk to you at any time.

This made me giddy, since I can check in on the kids while they’re hanging with the babysitter on date night. Or, I can just call them via the Miko 2 app if I hear them bickering the other room. Genius!

We can also use Teleconnect to navigate Miko 2 around the house. Parents: this is our chance to have some fun with Miko, too!

Autopilot Got All The Giggles

If you really want to see Miko 2 in action, click the autopilot button. This was the catalyst of the cutest interaction between Miko 2 and my 5 year old. Autopilot allows Miko 2 to roam on his own around the house, while avoiding any dangerous areas or obstacles. 

Check out the video review we did, to see Miko 2 in action, and the fun we had with Autopilot:

Miko 2 Is Available Now!

The Miko 2 is available to purchase now. There’s a special going on where you can get your own Miko 2 for $100 off, but you have to act fact.

Click here to grab one, just in time for the holidays: Miko 2 – My Companion. Use the code AMIYRAH25 for $25 off your Miko 2!

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