The Mandalorian Review – A Parent’s Honest Opinion

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Is The Mandalorian age rating accurate? Is The Mandalorian kid friendly? Is this show even for kids? We’ll answer all of these questions below.

The Mandalorian, the first live-action Star Wars series, debuted on the Disney+ streaming platform.

This highly anticipated show has had Star Wars fans eager to purchase the streaming service, and see what producer Jon Favreau would give us in this new storyline.

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We’re a legit Star Wars family; we allow our kids to see any and every piece of Star Wars content. No matter the amount of blaster and lightsaber battles, we allow them to watch.

I knew I needed to write a Mandalorian review after all 3 of our kids (5, 9, and 14) watched the first episode. You may be surprised with what I have to say.

A Star Wars Space Western

As we watched the first episode of The Mandalorian, it immediately felt like we were watching a western.

I was able to see footage of The Mandalorian during Star Wars Celebration, and immediately wrote that it was a simultaneous old time/new age spaghetti western feel.

The look very much reminded us of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story and the beginning of SOLO: A Star Wars Story.

We noticed a visually dark tone to the show, which added to the gunslinging ambiance. I will say, it did make me think twice about letting my younger child continue watching the series.

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Is The Mandalorian Kid Friendly? – Kids Review

When I asked me kids directly about The Mandalorian, I got mixed reviews. The 5 year old actually left the room about 15 minutes in, stating he was “bored.”

He did come back once his older brother decided he was ready to watch, and ended up seeing the entire first episode. I don’t think he’ll be interested in seeing the other episodes, unless there’s more action involved.

Our 9 year old girl enjoyed the episode, and watched it all 3 times we were able to see it. She did ask a lot of questions, which caused us to miss parts of the show.

I would say tweens would enjoy The Mandalorian, but you may have to pause it if they end up having questions about the storyline.

My 14 year old was the kid review that had me that most intrigued. He was hooked from the first scene. His official review? “Pretty good.” Pretty good is a big deal in this house.

This post shares all the exclusive The Mandalorian information from the panel at Star Wars Celebration 2019, including a reaction to the trailer!

How To Watch The Mandalorian with Kids

I’m pretty excited that The Mandalorian episodes are less than an hour, which makes them even more enjoyable for older kids.

Long-form show episodes tend to not fair well with young kids, and that was the case as we watched the first episode.

I would advise parents to watch The Mandalorian episodes on their own first, then allow their tween and younger kids to watch during your second viewing.

This will help you easily pause the show if your kid isn’t paying attention, or wants to watch something else on Disney Plus.

Teens can watch with mom and/or dad with no problems. If it’s allowed in your home, this would be a show they can watch on their own, with their own devices.

Is The Mandalorian Age Rating Accurate?

This is a loaded question, and I will answer it truthfully as a mom of kids with big age gaps.

The Mandalorian is rated TV-14, with some episodes rated TV-PG. Because of these differing ratings, I suggest children under the age of 9 bypass the show.

If your kid is used to Star Wars storylines and action, they’ll be fine. There’s some language after episode 5 of season 1, but if they’ve seen the new trilogy, it won’t phase them.

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What did you think about The Mandalorian? Will you allow your kids to watch it?

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