Supernanny is Back! – Here’s Why This Is Epic

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I needed all the help when I was a new mom. I read the books, asked the elders, and watched the shows. That included SUPERNANNY.

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I admit. I watched SUPERNANNY to make sure I wasn’t messing up my kids as much as a few other parents. SNORT. I did, however, learn so much from the wise and very direct Jo Frost.
When we were working on transitioning into a toddler nighttime routine, I actually used a technique Jo taught a frazzled mom that couldn’t get her child to sleep in their own bed. Within 3 days, we had our little girl sleeping through the night in her own space.

We Need Jo Now More Than Ever

Jo is the truth, y’all. When I found out that SUPERNANNY was returning to television, and that the show would be on LIFETIME, I was ecstatic. Jo is back! During a time when parenting is tougher than ever, we have our Supernanny to take charge and get us motivated.

SUPERNANNY Season 8 Episode 1

I had the opportunity to screen the first episode of this new season, and whew! Not to give anything away, but you are not going to want to be late to this one. These two working parents, the Braidos, have 4 kids (2 are newborns) and feel pulled into too many directions.
Jo comes in and gets right to business. I have to say, Rylie had my heart right away. She is the eldest of the Braido children, and is very honest and expressive. Rylie pulls at every parent’s heartstrings when she and Jo have a moment together during the first 10 minutes of the show.

SUPERNANNY premieres Wednesday, January 1 at 10pm ET/PT

This is it! Tomorrow, make sure to sit down on the couch, grab your popcorn, and check out season 8 of SUPERNANNY. Every Wednesday, we’ll get a little dose of Jo and I can’t wait. Want a sneak peek of what’s in store for us this season? Check out this video:
The international, award-winning series
returns New Year’s Day
Wednesday, January 1 at 10pm ET/PT 

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