ALDI Keto Grocery List + Meal Ideas

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We’ve gotten tons of emails about creating an ALDI keto grocery list for those of you on a tight budget but who want to take on a healthier way of eating.

If you're looking to start a KETO lifestyle while on a tight budget, ALDI is the answer. Here is the ultimate ALDI keto grocery list, with meal ideas!

Doing KETO on a budget seems to be doable, according to a few friends I’ve talked to about it. They’ve shared a list of the keto snacks at ALDI, and ALDI keto grocery list, and even gave me some KETO meal ideas you all might enjoy.

Some of these items are already on our frugal grocery list for our $64 grocery budget, which was fun to see. But, there are some items ALDI carries that are affordable for KETO peeps, as well as delicious. Let’s get into it.

When it come to grocery hacks, knowing how to check eggs at the grocery store is at the top of the list. Check out these genius hacks!

KETO Grocery List – Eggs Are Essential

The one thing all of my friends shared was the importance of eggs. Well, aren’t we in luck? Eggs tend to always be a great deal at ALDI, so they will be at the top of the shopping list.

If you want to know how to hard-boil eggs in 3 fool-proof ways, we have a post for that. Yes, there’s more than one way to boil eggs. Figure out which way you like best.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with why eggs are so essential to KETO, my friend Tessa wrote an awesome post about the keto egg fast and how to rock it. 

If you're looking to start a KETO lifestyle while on a tight budget, ALDI is the answer. Here is the ultimate ALDI keto grocery list, with meal ideas!
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But, what about that ALDI Keto Bread? 

Oh, the keto bread. Can I share something funny? Every time I share on my Instagram Stories that I’m at ALDI, someone asks “Does your ALDI have that Keto bread?”

The keto bread they’re talking about is the L’Oven Fresh Zero Net Carb Bread, and while ALDI said they would take it from being an ALDI special buy to an everyday item, I have yet to see it at any of my ALDI stores. Le sigh. 

But, those that have tried it say it’s pretty delicious. If you see it in your store, grab it up!

UPDATE: Reader Kelly commented below that this bread isn’t a good KETO option, even though it says “keto-friendly,” because it contains wheat. So, keep that in mind when purchasing. Thank you, Kelly!

Printable ALDI Keto Shopping List

Of course, we had to put this grocery list into a printable version! We kept it simple, so you won’t have to waste your colored ink. 

ALDI Keto Grocery List

A printable ALDI KETO grocery list for those who want to try the KETO lifestyle, but are on a tight budget.



Edamame Spaghetti

Almond flour



Unsweetended Almond milk

Greek yogurt

Cream cheese

Mozzarella block



Smoked salmon

Ground bison

Lean ground turkey

Chicken breast




Nuts of choice



Heavy cream

Parmesan crisps

Seaweed Crisps







Goat cheese


Peanut butter


Avocado oil

Pork rinds

Tomato sauce

Simple KETO Meal Ideas

These are super simple keto meals you can create with some, or all, of the items in the ALDI keto shopping list above.

Avocado deviled eggs use up the guacamole and eggs mentioned in the grocery list. Plus, this just sounds like an amazing meal option, especially for a keto lunch.

Egg roll in a bowl is a meal I’ve seen all over the place, and we’ve even had it in our home a few times. We’re not KETO, so the fact that we love it says so much about this recipe. It’s just cabbage, ground meat of your choice, shredded carrots, and seasoning. 

There are tons of recipes for it online, so a quick search on Pinterest will help you find a great one.

Yogurt chicken is a family favorite in our house, and if you switch out the garlic salt for kosher salt with minced garlic, this is a doable KETO chicken recipe. Yes, you can make this recipe with chicken breasts. It’s divine!

Oh, don’t forget about snacks and dessert! This KETO peanut butter cookies recipe looks super easy, and you’ll definitely have all of the ingredients after you use the ALDI keto grocery list.

What other KETO items have you found at ALDI? Let us know below, and we’ll add them to the ALDI keto grocery list.

If you're looking to start a KETO lifestyle while on a tight budget, ALDI is the answer. Here is the ultimate ALDI keto grocery list, with meal ideas!

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  1. 1.13.20
    Kelly said:

    Please note that Aldi Keto bread is in fact not Keto, anything containing wheat would not be recommended for low carb or keto way of eating.

    • 1.13.20
      Amiyrah said:

      Awesome information, Kelly! Everyone asks about the bread, so I wanted to make sure I answered their question. Thank you for your input!