Cheap Breakfast Ideas For Busy Mornings

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Why do we stress so much over breakfast? This post was created to share as many cheap breakfast ideas as possible. If you’re a person who’s always on the go, this massive list will help you meal plan breakfast in no time.

This is it. The only list of cheap breakfast ideas you will ever need to make your meal plan for the week, or meal plan for the month.

The stress of breakfast is probably because we always talk about it being the most important meal of the day. Well, the first meal of the day will always be the most important, so let’s not complicate it.

Easy Breakfast Ideas For Meal Plans

This list won’t be full of fancy breakfast ideas. Those are perfect for lazy Saturday mornings, or breakfasts and brunches at home with friends. 

This is a full list of cheap breakfast ideas that you can make on busy mornings, or even prep ahead of time. We previously created a frugal make-ahead breakfasts list, and it definitely inspired this mega list of frugal breakfasts.

Breakfast Ideas In Segments

To make this list easier to ingest, we decided to place it into sections or segments. If oatmeal is your thing, there’s a section for that. Have a pancake obsession? We got you covered.

Grab the ideas you and your family may like, and plan your breakfasts for at least a month!

There are 2 secrets to making the best Instant Pot oatmeal, and one is to always use rolled oats. Check out the other secret, and why oatmeal bars are key.

Oatmeal Breakfast Ideas

Hot oatmeal

Overnight oatmeal

Slow cooker oatmeal

Instant Pot oatmeal 

Banana oatmeal bites 

Pumpkin oatmeal bites


Waffle Breakfast Ideas

Waffles with nut butter

Waffles with sausage

Waffles with bacon

Waffles with eggs

Waffles with sliced ham

The title says it all: this is the best pancakes recipe ever. Period.

Pancakes Breakfast Ideas

Best Pancakes Ever with sausage

Pancakes with bacon

Pancakes with fruit

Pancakes with sliced ham

Pancakes with corned beef hash

Pancakes with turkey sausage

Pancakes with turkey bacon

Protein pancakes


Toast Breakfast Ideas

Avocado toast

Cheese toast

Peanut Butter toast

Banana toast

Banana peanut butter toast

Cinnamon toast with fruit


French Toast Breakfast Ideas

French toast with fruit

French toast sticks with fruit

French toast with sausage

French toast with bacon

French toast with ham

Ham and cheese french toast

French toast casserole


Chicken Patties Breakfast Ideas

Chicken patties and waffles

Chicken patties and hash browns

Chicken patties and scrambled eggs

When it come to grocery hacks, knowing how to check eggs at the grocery store is at the top of the list. Check out these genius hacks!

Eggs for Breakfast Ideas

Hash browns and scrambled eggs

hard-boiled eggs and toast

hard-boiled eggs and fruit 

Scrambled eggs and toast

scrambled eggs and fruit

Bacon and eggs

Sausage and eggs

Ham and eggs

Turkey and eggs

Sauteed spinach and eggs

Roast beef and eggs

Eggs in a hole

Eggs and potatoes

Easy Migas recipe

Can you cook quinoa in the slow cooker? Yup! I can't believe how easy it is to do this, and that I can easily make quinoa in the slow cooker.

Quinoa Breakfast Ideas

Quinoa and brown sugar

Quinoa and honey

Quinoa and maple syrup

Quinoa with agave syrup

Quinoa with chopped nuts, dried fruit and sweetener

To make life even easier, make quinoa in the slow cooker! Then, you’ll have enough for breakfast for the whole week.


Avocado Breakfast Ideas (that isn’t avocado toast)

Avocado in tortillas

Avocado quesadilla

Avocado and eggs

Avocado and sliced ham

Avocado with black beans

Avocado and cubed cheese


Breakfast Quesadilla Ideas

Peanut butter and jelly quesadilla

Chocolate and marshmallow quesadilla

Fruit and cream cheese quesadilla

Sausage and cheese quesadilla

Ham and swiss quesadilla

Breakfast Pizza Ideas

Breakfast pizza

Strawberry and nutella pizza

English muffin pizza (make the pizza sauce from tomato paste, to keep it even cheaper)


English Muffin Breakfast Ideas

English muffin with cream cheese

English muffin with sliced cheese

English muffin with nut butter or sun butter

English muffin with sliced strawberries


Grits Breakfast Ideas

Grits and eggs

Grits and toast

Grits and fruit

Grits with bacon

Grits with sausage

Grits with sliced ham

Grits with tuna cakes


Rice Cakes Breakfast Ideas

Rice cakes with nut butter

Rice cakes with cream cheese

Rice cakes with Nutella and sliced strawberries

Rice cakes with sliced bananas

Rice cakes with cookie butter and berries

Rice Cakes topped with sliced avocado


Grilled Cheese Breakfast Ideas

Grilled cheese and fruit

Grilled cheese and bacon

Grilled cheese and sausage

Grilled cheese and ham

Hodge Podge of Other Breakfast Ideas

Yogurt bowls 

Double chocolate granola bars 

Breakfast smoothies

Breakfast sandwiches

Breakfast burritos

Homemade granola and yogurt (link)

Roasted chickpeas and fruit

Dessert hummus and graham crackers

Cottage cheese topped with fruit

Ham and cheese on croissant

Easy crepes

Easy Banana muffins 

Yogurt muffins

Apple slices and nut butter or sun butter

Trail mix and cup of milk

Bagels – with butter, sun butter, nut butter or cream cheese

This is it. The only list of cheap breakfast ideas you will ever need to make your meal plan for the week, or meal plan for the month.

Whew! That’s a lot of breakfast ideas! Do you have any cheap breakfasts we can add to this list? Let us know in the comments below.

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