How To Afford Organic Chicken – 4 Ways

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There’s a myth that living frugally means not being healthy. But, frugal living is constantly aligned with a healthy lifestyle. One way frugal living shocked me was when I learned how to afford organic chicken.

Chicken is the number one protein ingested throughout the world, so it’s a mainstay in many households. We have a ton of chicken recipes that we love, and we eat chicken at least twice a week. 

There are 4 hacks we use to be able to afford organic chicken, even organic chicken breasts, while on our tight grocery budget. Check them out!

This a sponsored post on behalf of Perdue Farms.

Because of that, I’ve tried to purchase organic chicken as much as I can. But, how do you do that when you are on a tight budget? Well, I figured out 4 ways to afford organic chicken, even organic chicken breast, and it won’t cost you a million dollars.

Creating a meal plan for the month is so simple! This post shares 3 steps to get your monthly meal plan done in 10 minutes.

Plan Your Meals In Advance

Wait. Am I advising you to meal plan? Of course I am. Are you even shocked? Meal planning is one of the first steps to financial freedom and yes, to eating healthier. 

When you meal plan your chicken dinners ahead of time, you are able to see how much chicken you will need for the week AND budget for the right amount of chicken you will need for those meals.

It won’t make sense to purchase organic roast chicken if you know that your two chicken meals for the week will use chicken breast. Yes, it sounds almost too simple, but this tip will save you money immediately.

There's nothing better than an easy weeknight meal! This lemon sheet pan chicken dinner with asparagus is sure to please the whole family.

Stretch Your Chicken

Have you ever cooked a roast chicken dinner, and stretched it to dinners for 2 or 3 more meals? This is the best way to use protein when on a tight budget, or when you want to start eating more organic protein. 

We also do this with organic chicken breasts. There’s a whole blog post sharing how to stretch chicken breasts, and get more out of the organic chicken breasts you bring home.

Invest In The Good Stuff

Not all organic proteins are created equal. Do you research to see if these proteins are actually organic and that they follow USDA standards. When using organic chicken, we choose to stock up on Perdue Farms products. 

Perdue Farms uses small family US farmers for their proteins, plus they go above and beyond when following the organic guidelines. 

Here’s the fun part: when you invest in GOOD quality protein, you don’t need to use a lot of it! I’ve noticed when we eat organic chicken, my kids feel fuller, and we all have more energy. It may have a higher price point, but I don’t need as much, it still fits within our budget.

There are 4 hacks we use to be able to afford organic chicken, even organic chicken breasts, while on our tight grocery budget. Check them out!

Find The Deals

Yes, organic chicken has deals! This makes my frugal heart happy because chicken freezes well, and I can take full advantage of any deals I find.

Perdue Farms has bundle deals on their new e-commerce site, and as an ambassador, I’ve been able to test out these bundles. Not only are the items shipped in packaging that is eco-friendly, I’m able to get LOTS of organic protein all at once. Win-win!

They have a Welcome To The Family Organic Chicken Bundle in their site right now. You get 68 4oz servings within the bundle!

Side note: did you know that 4 ounces is the proper amount of chicken to have per meal? I was so intrigued when I found out that little fact, and it changed the game when I planned our meals after that.

Whether you order your chicken online, or you buy it in the store, make sure you are getting the best deal per ounce.

Do you have any tips and tricks you use to add more organic protein to your diet while on a tight budget?

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