Card Games For Kids Using A Deck Of Cards

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When we were asked for our list of card games for kids to play with a deck of cards, we had our go-to games to share. But, there had to be more.

A deck of cards is one of the cheapest games to buy when on a budget, so we put our decks to good use almost every week. We have our standby games (hello Go Fish and Gin Rummy), but we wanted to find a good list of card games for kids of all ages.

Have a deck of cards in your home? This list of card games for kids is for you! Check out the video tutorials for playing card games your kids will love.

No, we don’t list Poker or BlackJack in this post. While those can be fun to play, we like to place that in the adult card game bucket, even if you don’t gamble real money.

We also left Spades off of the list, because like Monopoly, it causes too many arguments. SNORT.

Actual Deck of Cards Games For The Whole Family

We also made sure to list games to play with a deck of card for 2 players, 4 players, or more, so these can be games the whole family will enjoy together.

Some of the games are even fun to WATCH, if you aren’t one of the players. Be sure to check out the list of card games you may not have heard of; I was so excited to discover games I’ve never played, and we’ve already scheduled time to learn them all.

Have Multiple Decks of Cards Handy

One of the coolest events is having a few decks of cards in play during game days or game nights.

If you have a large family, this may be a given for you, but I think smaller families forget that having a few decks on hand can take playing these games to the next level.

Have one team play one game, while the other team(s) picks another game from this list. Then, SWITCH! You can spend hours playing card games when you make it more fun than just playing one game at a time.

Have a deck of cards in your home? This list of card games for kids is for you! Check out the video tutorials for playing card games your kids will love.

Games To Play With Kids Using A Deck Of Cards

Baloney or Lying

There’s another name for this card game, but it’s not suitable for children. Ha! You may know it as BS, but we chose to go with the name Baloney.

This is a fun game that teaches kids how to bluff and how to read their opponents. You need 3 to 6 players for this game, and the more players you have, the more exciting it will be.


This game has 4 to 10 players, and it is important that you have an even amount of players for this card game. 

Why? Because you will need a partner to win this one. This game teaches kids the importance of teamwork, and paying attention to their surroundings. Check the video below to learn how to play.

Speed Card Game – Great For Siblings

This one has only 2 players, but it helps kids learn the order of a deck of cards and how to make quick decisions. The only way to win is to remember which cards are lower or higher than the current card on the table. 

This is a fun game for siblings who love to compete. Have them play it over and over again, and you may get some funny memories out of the experience.

Spoons – Card Game Version of Musical Chairs

The key is getting 4 of a kind in this intense but hilarious card game for kids. The amount of spoons you have will depend on amount of players; just like when you play musical chairs. 

This video perfectly explains how to play, and win, this cool game:

War – My Favorite Card Game For Kids

Listen. This is THE game of my childhood. When my cousins and I were playing card games on lazy summer days, this was the game that got us arguing and laughing. Another high pace game, this one is fun to watch as well as play.

You must distribute the cards evenly among the players, so we usually only had two of us play at a time. This is another game that teaches kids the card hierarchy.

Spit – Similar To War and Speed

When I was a kid, we also loved to play Spit. The rules are very close to those of War and Speed, but there are a few variations. We loved to say ” one two three SPIT!” when it was time to place our first cards in the middle. 

Give your kids permission to yell that phrase as loud as they can. You won’t regret it.

This video did a splendid job of explaining how to play:

Golf Card Game

The Golf card game requires 2 or more players. It’s called Golf because you are trying to get the lowest score out of all the players. There are more details to it, so check out the video below.

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More Card Games For Kids You’ve Never Heard Of

We went down the rabbit hole of games to play with a deck of cards, and these were ones I’d never heard of! If you’ve heard of these before, and you play them with your kids, let us know in the comments.

Here’s a list of lesser known card games for kids, and the videos to learn how to play them:

Garbage Card Game

Kings In The Corners

Just a note: we cannot WAIT to try this game. It looks like a lot of fun, and I think my teen is going to dominate this one.

President Card Game

Palace Card Game

Have a deck of cards in your home? This list of card games for kids is for you! Check out the video tutorials for playing card games your kids will love.

Card Games You’ve Heard Of (but we have to mention)

We had to make sure Gin Rummy, Go Fish and Crazy Eights were mentioned in this post, even though you’re probably tired of playing them at this point.

If you haven’t added these to your card games to play with kids list, just give in and add them. Although they may be overplayed, they still incite lots of fun and laughs when you play.

Gin Rummy

Crazy Eights

Go Fish Card Game

Wow! Now that is a pretty good list of card games for kids that you can play with a deck of hards. We plan to give all of these a go over the next few months, especially during game night.

If we missed some games, let us know below, and we’ll add it to the list.

Have a deck of cards in your home? This list of card games for kids is for you! Check out the video tutorials for playing card games your kids will love.

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