How To Homeschool For Free With 1 Site

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With 6 years of homeschooling under our belt, we’ve basically tried it all. But, one of my favorite things to talk about is how to homeschool for free.

This time, I get to take this advice to the next level. Many use a bunch of websites to homeschool for cheap or free, but I found the secret sauce, friend. One website full of all the free homeschool resources we need.

There are lots of resources sharing how to homeschool for free, but this one website and hack will give you tons of curriculum to choose from in less time!

The bonus? There are free homeschool curriculum for every age. Yup, from kindergarten to 12th grade. Did I just intrigue you? Good!

This homeschool for free website is pretty easy to navigate, as well. I love that I can pick a subject, and just click a button.

Not Everything Is Available Right Away

This was one thing I had initial issues with, but since all of the information and curriculum are free, beggars can’t be choosers. You have to sign up for a few things, and you will even have a few things emailed to you or mailed to you.

If this is an issue with you, create a new email address dedicated to homeschooling material, and only work off of items once they enter your inbox and mailbox

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How To Use Free Homeschool Curriculum

You need a plan of attack when homeschooling for free. All of the information can easily be overwhelming, since there isn’t a lack of it. This site makes it easier, since everything is in one place. But, you still need to decide on subjects and focus.

Pick 3 main subjects to start. The easiest ones are math, language arts, and reading. See what resources are available for the 3 subjects you are starting with, and then pick one resource for each.

You can add in the other subjects as soon as you find the right curriculum for your main 3. Slow and steady is what works in homeschooling.

Wait. High School Homeschool For Free? For Real?

OK, this is what excited me the most. With a high school student in the house now, I have been stuck when it comes to picking the right curriculum for him. The cool part is that I can sit him in front of the computer, and have him pick his own curriculum for each semester.

Get your high school students involved in this. Even though the material is free, it is essential that you student will actually enjoy the material. This is the age where they start to streamline their learning, and only focus on subjects that interest and excite them. 

Did You Give Us The Free Homeschool Link?

Yup, I linked it above. In case you missed it, here is a more blatant link: Homeschooling for free website link

I hope this little homeschool hack helps you keep your costs low, and gets your kids learning all kinds of new and amazing things! If you have any homeschooling hacks to share, please do so below.

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  1. 3.14.20
    Mickaela said:

    Thank you so much for this information 🙂
    I have a 5yr old kid homeschooler! will definitely use this site!

    Have a good one.

    • 3.14.20
      Amiyrah said:

      You’re welcome!