How To Stock Up On Protein With One Site

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Perdue Farms.

Many are searching for new ways to grocery shop online, stock up on pantry staples, and even stock up on protein. Well, we’ve found the perfect website to buy almost all the protein you need, and it fits within our tight grocery budget.

When we learned about the Perdue Farms e-commerce site last fall, we knew it was going to be a game changer for our grocery budget. Since we have to keep a tight $64 a week budget, we are always finding new ways to stock up on proteins our family loves.

There are certain tips and hacks to use when taking advantage of the Perdue Farms site, and all of them will help you stock up on quality protein. As a Perdue Farms ambassador, I’ve been able to collect these tips straight from the company, and from my own findings. 

Creating a meal plan for the month is so simple! This post shares 3 steps to get your monthly meal plan done in 10 minutes.

Know Your Protein Budget

This is a tip I’ve used for years to make sure that I stay within budget, but that I’m not stocking up on less than we require. 

When I first started creating a grocery budget, I allotted 1/3 of it to proteins of all kinds. By automatically giving myself that section of the budget just for protein, I was able to take full advantage off in-store and online deals. 

This has worked perfectly for our Perdue Farms e-commerce site shopping, because I open the site with a dollar amount in mind. If I end up coming under that dollar amount, which we usually do, I count that as a bonus!

Bundles And Specials

We love a special in our home! Here’s the cool thing about this site: they offer bundles that fit any family. We always peruse the monthly bundles on the site, to see which ones fit our budget, and stockpile needs.

The bundles are almost always a better deal than putting together your own order, so try to grab the ones that you know you will use within the month, or can be frozen for future months.

Creating a meal plan for the month is so simple! This post shares 3 steps to get your monthly meal plan done in 10 minutes.

Plan Around The Deals

I mentioned the Perdue Farms bundles first, because once you decide on which bundles you want to order, you can easily create your meals for the month. Heck, you can even write your meal plan for the month before you Perdue Farms box arrives at your door!

Many of bundles are seasonal, so you’ll automatically think of meals that work with the current cravings of your family.

Take Advantage of Free Shipping

Like I mentioned, we have a tight budget for our grocery shopping each month, so I have a specific amount I want to spend on protein. When you combine the bundles with the free shipping, you have the best chance of staying under budget!

On the Perdue Farms website, you get free shipping when you add $119 worth of items to your cart. Some bundles are so robust that they get you very close to that dollar amount. I’ve added in an extra packet of chicken breasts, and made that $119 price point in no time.

Use My Discount!

I had to save the best hack for last. As a Perdue Farms ambassador, I get to share a vanity link where you’ll get 15% off your order! So, click my special link, grab the bundle that works for you, add $119 to your cart, and you’ll automatically get 15% off of your order.

This is another great way to stock up on the proteins your family needs, even if you’re working with a specific budget.

If you are looking for a way to stock up on protein during these interesting times, you can do it with just 1 website!

I hope these tips and tricks help you stock up on protein by using just one site. The Perdue Farms site has been super helpful for our family’s protein needs, and I hope it helps you keep your fridge and freezer full of the proteins your family enjoys.

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