Cheap Things To Stockpile Right Now

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There comes a time when you just need to fill your cabinets with items that are inexpensive and needed. These cheap things to stockpile right now are the perfect start to a pantry that’s useful and frugal.

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Whether it’s times when you’re trying to reach a big financial goal, you are working on a tight budget, or the world is going through it’s own tough times (recessions, pandemics, etc), a full pantry can lessen the stress of it all.

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Cheap Stockpile Items All Kitchens Need

In this post, we’re sharing cheap things you need to stockpile right now, as they are staples in many households.

Because they’re pantry staples, they tend to be the first items to leave shelves during hard times. Use this simple list to create a stockpile that will stretch any other items you bring into your home.

Also, feel free to comment below to let us know what items you think we should add to the list.

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Tips And Hacks For Cheap Pantry Staples

While the list is pretty simple, there are a few things to note as you stockpile. These are tips we’ve learned over the years, and they’ve not only saved us money, but time and space.

  • Look for 1 pound boxes of pasta, and only spend $1 or less on each box. 1 pound boxes are perfect for cheap belly buster meals, like homemade hamburger helper. Plus, it’s the best bang for your buck.
  • Stockpile dried beans your family actually enjoys, and you know how to cook. This sounds silly to mention, but if you’re family won’t eat that variety of bean, you’re wasting money.
  • Canned beans are needed. It may seem redundant to list canned beans and dried beans, but a canned bean isn’t expensive, and can come in handy for quick, cheap meals. We always have canned chickpeas in our pantry for this very reason.
  • Chunky soup is a cheap dinner hack! Put chunky soup on top of cooked rice or mashed potatoes, and it becomes a very cheap meal that will fill bellies. If you don’t usually buy it, be sure to have a few cans on hand for emergency meals.
  • Rolled oats over oatmeal. Rolled oats are way more versatile than oatmeal, so be sure to keep it in your stockpile as much as possible. If you need actual oatmeal, measure out your rolled oats, place in a food processor, and pulse a few times. Presto! You have oatmeal.
  • Tomato paste will save you, always. There are so many uses for tomato paste, so don’t be shy with your stockpile of it. We make our pizza sauce from tomato paste, and we’ve even used it as a base for cheap tomato soup.
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Your Cheap Stockpile List

Below, you’ll find the list of the cheap stockpile items we suggest you keep on hand as much as possible.

This isn’t robust because it’s just a starter list to get items in your cabinets. You can easily build on this list as you think of more specific and cheap ingredients you need in your kitchen.

  1. rice (brown, white, and basmati)
  2. dried beans
  3. Canned beans
  4. canned meat
  5. canned fish
  6. canned fruit (we love canned pineapple and peaches)
  7. canned vegetables (we love canned corn the most)
  8. chunky canned soup
  9. powdered milk (at least one box)
  10. canned evaporated milk
  11. Rolled oats
  12. nut butter or sun butter of choice
  13. white flour
  14. jelly/jam
  15. honey/agave syrup
  16. pasta of all kinds
  17. pasta sauce
  18. tomato paste
  19. table salt
  20. kosher salt
  21. ground black pepper
  22. cooking oil of choice
  23. ground coffee
  24. tea bags
  25. dried herbs of choice

Well, there we are. A starter list of 25 cheap stockpile items to help you fill up those cabinets.

Which cheap stockpile items do you think we need to add to the list? Comment below to let us know, and we’ll update it!

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  1. 8.5.20
    Laura Franklin said:

    I agree! Chunky soup over rice or mashed potatoes is a great idea!

    I have used dintymore beef stew with a box of beef rice a Roni and corn muffins if you have them.

    I have done boxed potatoes (au gratin is my go to) with a bag of mixed vegetables and diced ham ( or protein of your choice) for a quick one pot quick casserole. Again, with corn muffins if you have them.

    Baked potato (10 lbs for $5; or sale price in your area) topped with chili. I always have large batches of soups in the freezer for quick heat n eat options. I have even made chili with extra chili beans or lentils, turkey or a 50/50 TVP and ground beef or turkey when meat prices get too high for my budget.

    Just a few things I have tried over the years.

    • 8.6.20
      Amiyrah said:

      These are all genius ideas! Thank you so much for sharing them!