Genius Homemade Pizza Ideas!

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Everyone loves a good pizza night! This post is going to share some of the best homemade pizza ideas you can try this week, to make pizza night more fun.

The Best Pizza Dough Is Important

If you haven’t made homemade pizza dough yet, you have to try it!

Our homemade pizza dough recipe is a staple around here when we make pizza, and it’s extremely easy.

Are you gluten-free? My friend Amy from MomAdvice has a great gluten-free pizza dough recipe on her site.

Most pizza dough recipes are cheap and simple to make. Find one you like, and keep it in your family’s recipe book.

Keep The Pizza Sauce Simple

We stick to our recipe for pizza sauce from tomato paste when it comes to pizza night.

It’s a no-cook pizza sauce recipe, so I can make it the day before with the pizza dough, put both in the fridge, and we’re ready to go the next day.

Bubble Pizza

Have you ever tried bubble up pizza? I hadn’t heard of it until we moved to the Midwest, but it is so fun to make!

This bubble up pizza recipe from Pass The Sushi is one we use, but we alter it to fit our tastes. We’ll post our family’s version of the recipe soon!

Pizza night is here! This post shares some genius homemade pizza ideas everyone in your family will enjoy. Check out the garlic bread idea!

Pizza Tortillas

OK, this pizza tortilla recipe is genius because it’s easy enough for the kids to do on their own!

Have them even make the no-cook pizza sauce I linked above, and this can be a complete kid-made dinner.

Laura from Momables has a fun pizza tortilla recipe that the whole family will enjoy eating.

Grilled Pizza For The Win!

Do you live in an area where you can grill most of the year? We’re in the Midwest, so our warm grilling season is only 4 or 5 months of the year.

I say “warm” because my Midwest-born husband will grill almost any time of the year. He cracks me up.

Grilled pizza is a great dinner idea, since the pizza will cook quickly, and you can make multiple ones with different toppings.

This easy pizza burger recipe is sure to be a summertime favorite for dinner. Both parents and kids will love this simple yet satisfying burger.

Crazy Pizza Idea – Pizza Burgers

Speaking of grilling, pizza burgers should always be a pizza night option in the spring and summer.

Every single member of our family LIVES for a good pizza burger, so this is something we keep on our monthly meal plan in the summer.

Our pizza burger recipe is ridiculously simple, so you can totally add your favorite toppings to make this meal your own.

Remember English Muffin Pizza?

I have fond childhood memories that include that pizza classic, English muffin pizza. I mean, how easy are these? What a great addition to our list of homemade pizza ideas.

Place your English muffin in the toaster or oven, crisp them up, add sauce and cheese, bake for a bit, and done!

This is a recipe my kids ask for when they want a special lunch, and I oblige because it’s so simple.

Have you tried making cheesy garlic bread at home? It's so easy! This recipe for garlic cheesy bread is a great option for family pizza night.

Garlic Cheesy Bread with Pizza Sauce

Well, this isn’t technically pizza, but I had to add it to the list of easy pizza ideas for pizza night.

This garlic cheesy bread was a “recipe” I created when we scored a super cheap loaf of Italian bread at the grocery store.

I grabbed a block of cheddar cheese, a block of mozzarella cheese, a jar of sauce, and knew I could make something amazing for dinner that night.

This garlic cheesy bread would also be a great appetizer if you have company over. It’s a family favorite here, so we hope you like it too!

Have you tried any of these easy pizza ideas? Let us know in the comments below!

Pizza night is here! This post shares some genius homemade pizza ideas everyone in your family will enjoy. Check out the garlic bread idea!

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