How To Get Free Coffee! (and tea)

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I don’t usually write these kinds of posts, but it’s National Coffee Day, and there is a deal out there where you can get free coffee shipped to you! Oh, and a free mug!

Here’s The Free Coffee Deal

Amora Coffee is offering to send you a free BAG of coffee. You get half a pound of coffee, and you get to pick from 10 different varieties. Nope, that’s not a typo!

They are also offering to send you a travel mug! So you get half a pound of the coffee of your choice, plus a mug, for only $1.00 shipping.

Who The Heck Is Amora Coffee?

When I learned about Amora Coffee, I was pretty impressed. They are based in Alabama, and they send you freshly roasted coffee.

No, seriously. They roast your coffee, and then send it right away to you. No stale coffee sitting on shelves for months or years. Pretty cool!

They want to provide Americans with “coffee roasted just for them, on demand.”

How To Get This Deal

The steps are pretty easy to get the free coffee. Choose the type of blend, grind, and type of coffee you want (you can even get whole bean coffee!).

Fill in your shipping and billing information.

PLEASE NOTE: Amora coffee is a subscription service, so you are getting this deal as a new member of the service. Once you receive your order (usually takes 7 days to get to you), you can decide if you want to keep the service.

BUT, be sure to set a reminder in your phone for 13 days from now, to cancel your subscription. If you get the coffee and you love it, keep the subscription!

You can cancel right on the Amora Coffee website, or you can call Amora Coffee Customer Service at  1-855-642-6672.

Click Here To Get Your Free Coffee And Travel Mug

What About The Tea Deal?

The tea deal has a higher shipping rate, but it’s still a good one!

Amora Tea will send you high quality, organic tea blends for $1.00 reservation fee.

Then, after the tea is specially made for you, packaged, and shipped, you’ll be charged $2.95 for shipping.

For the tea lovers, this would be a great way to treat yourself once a month to high-quality tea (and not have to leave the house to buy it).

Click Here To Get Your Deal On Tea

So, which person are you: team coffee or team tea? Hope you enjoy your free coffee deal! Happy National Coffee Day!

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