Ohio Family Vacations – Cincinnati Must See Spots

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When you are planning an Ohio family vacation, one of the best-hidden gems to consider is Cincinnati, Ohio. 

This city on the edge of Kentucky and Ohio is a great place to visit with tons of fun attractions, and of course, it is in a wonderful budget-friendly area. 

Planning a weekend trip, and looking for fun ohio family vacations? Go to Cincinnati! Here are 12 places you must visit with the kids.

My Picks For Cincinnati Must Sees For Ohio Family Vacations

With great culture, museums, family-friendly attractions, and even a thriving food culture it is a great low-key option that is perfect for family vacations and of course, sticking into your budget travel preferences.

Best Outside Cincinnati Destinations

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens:  We are always fans of a good zoo, and the zoo in Cincinnati is an amazing choice for family vacations.  The kids will love spending time looking at all of their favorite animals, and the botanical gardens are especially appealing to moms who may prefer something a little prettier and not as smelly as the animal cages.  The Cincinnati Zoo doesn’t just house animals, they also make sure to work in conservation and rescue when possible.

Coney Island Park:  Waterpark and theme park on a smaller scale, this is the ultimate family vacations experience!  Tons of new rides introduced each year with all of your favorite theme park action.

Great American Ballpark:  If you are a baseball fan, there is nothing like the experience of watching in a ballpark!  This is one of the best places to watch the Cincinnati Reds play and have fun with the full fun ballpark experience complete with hot dogs, sodas, and tons of screaming fans.  While there, don’t forget to take in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame with information on the top players from the team’s history.

Cincinnati Parks:  Included in the Cincinnati Parks are our favorite Khron Observatory as well as the local Arboretum.  If flowers and beautiful views inspire you and your family, then this is definitely going to be a place to go.  These parks include not just the intellectual experience, but fun things like a carousel and play areas for children.  There truly is something for everyone in the Cincinnati Parks.

King’s Island:  This amusement park is a bit outside the city, but is one of the best in the region.  With a replica of the Eiffel Tower, water park and fun rides, it has something everyone in the family will enjoy.  A true family vacations experience isn’t complete without a great roller coaster ride at King’s Island.

Findlay Market:  This market is a great place to browse local food, fun crafts, and more.  It’s an excellent experience and unique to any other farmers market you’ve ever visited.  There are often events around the area that include fun things for kids and family to participate in while visiting.

Planning a weekend trip, and looking for fun ohio family vacations? Go to Cincinnati! Here are 12 places you must visit with the kids.

Learning and Fun In Cincinnati

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center:  Whether your family was touched by slavery or you simply want to see a part of history, this is one of the best places to visit in the area.  Full of information and education about the Underground Railroad movement as well as slavery and the effects upon the community.

American Sign Museum:  From old school painted pieces to modern neons and graphics, this museum is chock full of signs from the past and present.  It’s a fun place to tour with the kids and will undoubtedly bring back memories from your favorite restaurants and businesses of years past.

Cincinnati Art Museum:  This one is definitely a place more for the adults than younger kids, but it can also be a great educational tool for a homeschool family vacations experience.  This museum is known for having not just great local artists, but world-renowned Picasso and amazing exhibitions.  They share great exhibits throughout the year that includes unique artistic interpretations of various subjects that bring classic and modern art together in one location.

Cincinnati Museum Center:  When you think about a fun museum for kids that offers both education and hands-on learning, this is one of the best places to go.  While they observe and respect great pieces from history, they also have areas and exhibits that encourage play and learning for everyone.  Exhibits and features rotate throughout the year, and their occasional “Night At The Museum” options are highly popular for kids of all ages.

Entertainment Junction:  If you have a train lover in the family this the best place to go for model trains and fun.  Not only do they have me of the best trains you will find, but they also have a fun house for other cool times everyone in the family will enjoy.

Creation Museum:  This one has been controversial with its stance on Creationism, but regardless of what you believe about the beginning of the world it is a great fun-filled place to spend an afternoon. Tons of hands-on kid-friendly entertainment available.

Planning a weekend trip, and looking for fun ohio family vacations? Go to Cincinnati! Here are 12 places you must visit with the kids.

Family vacations aren’t complete without a few fun things to keep kids happy in the car along the way.  We, of course, pack our Kindle’s, headphones, and a few car games.  Pick what works best for your kids and family and add them to your in-car bag!

When you’re planning family vacations in Ohio, don’t forget about this little city in Ohio.  Cincinnati offers amazing food, culture, and entertainment that is great for the entire family to enjoy!

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