Top ALDI Fashion Finds For Your Closet

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The ALDI fashion items we’re finding in the stores are stepping up, and we need to have a conversation about it! This post shares ALDI clothes you didn’t know existed, and why you need them in your closet.

I’ll update with more favorites, so pin this post and come back to see updates.

The Deal With Serra Clothing

Most ALDI clothing items are from the Serra brand. The cool thing about Serra is that they stay on top of fashion trends, and offer ALDI shoppers those trends for a ridiculously low price.

Over the years I’ve noticed that ALDI finds in the fashion section are about a year ahead of the trends. They really do their homework for these ALDI special buys!

Have you seen the ALDI sweatshirt dress at your store? Well, it's a problem. We're sharing the big deal about this ALDI dress, and sizing suggestions.

ALDI Sweatshirt Dress – Pillar of ALDI Fashion

Oh man. This might be my favorite ALDI fashion find of all time. I was hesitant to grab it, but so glad I gave it a chance.

Affordable sweatshirt dress options have shown up quite a bit lately, so I’m hoping that means we’ll see the return of this Serra sweatshirt dress with pockets.

Like I mentioned in my sweatshirt dress review, this dress was better when you sized up a size or two. Sizing is very important when it comes to ALDI clothes. Some items run big, since they don’t do half sizes.

ALDI Rain Boots

Speaking of sizing, the ALDI rain boots are one of those pieces of clothing wear you may have way more room if you stick to your usual shoe size.

Also called ALDI gumboots, these are consistently cute and consistently hard to find.

Each time a new design is released, they sell like hotcakes. My advice is to grab them in the closest to your size. Size down one size if you can. Even with thick socks, they will fit perfectly.

Everyone is talking about these $25 ALDI snow boots, because they are so afforable. But, are they worth the trouble? This post shares the details.

ALDI Fashion Includes Snow Boots!

I decided to give the ALDI duck boots a try after seeing them all over the ALDI Nerd Community Facebook group.

I did a full review of these fun 90s style snow boots, but the biggest advice given was that they aren’t that thick.

These are boots made for maybe a few inches of snow, or heavy rain. Keep that in mind if you live in place that gets lots of thick, heavy snow.

Have you tried the fleece lined ALDI leggings? This ALDI leggings review shares the good and bad of these leggings, including the kids leggings!

ALDI Leggings

If you have to pick one ALDI clothing standard that is always a good buy, it’s the aldi leggings. They usually retail between 3.99 and 7.99.

Our favorite pair of Serra leggings so far were the ones released in winter. They also had matching Lily & Dan kids leggings. Both versions had fleece lining, which was essential for MidWest living.

Lately, we’ve seen maternity leggings, faux leather leggings, and even ALDI workout leggings. Which ones have you picked up lately?

ALDI Booties

My post about the ALDI booties is one of our top articles on the site. Rightly so!

I wear these booties to the grocery store, on dates, for walks in the park, and more. They are unicorns.

The idea of $15 ALDI suede boots (that aren’t actually suede, but look it) being in the world should make you happy. I hope Serra re-releases these beauties again.

Again, since ALDI and Serra don’t offer half sizes, be sure to try on the shoe to see if it will fit. I’m a 7 1/2 in a shoe, so I sized up to an 8 in this style of bootie.

ALDI Fashion Gets Better and Better

Well, those are our favorite fashion items at ALDI. So far, of course. What did we miss? Share your favorites below, and we’ll add them to the list!

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  1. 2.17.23
    Jackie said:

    The two piece loungewear is so comfortable. But, I can’t find them anywhere.

    • 4.6.23
      Amiyrah said:

      They’re limited-time items so whenever you see these in the stores, grab them! You probably won’t see them again.

  2. 3.20.23
    Leigh Ann said:

    Does Serra do clothes or just Pjs?? Love the Pjs and they would make great summer wear. I need a link to their website. Any help?

    • 4.6.23
      Amiyrah said:

      They do all kinds of clothes! And it’s exclusively sold at ALDI, so no website.

  3. 6.2.23
    Gwen said:

    The Serra underwear are so comfortable. I went back to get more but, of course, they were gone!

  4. 12.5.23
    Linda Breshears said:

    Have previously purchased SERRA lined leggings, loved them. Purchased 4 pair recently, thought they would be as good as previous so discarded tags. They were all labeled size Medium but they are not. Not Aldi’s fault but manufacturer got this wrong. Leggings are a skinny Small and are even a longer length.