Super Delicious Pumpkin Snacks

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This post shares some of our favorite delicious pumpkin snacks that we enjoy each year. Some of these are healthy snacks too, so feel free to add them to your after school snack list.

Oh, friend. There’s nothing better than having pumpkin snacks on a fall day. I’ve actually never been a big pumpkin fan, but the older I get, the more I love them!

These pumpkin protein balls are a great healthy kids snack for the holidays! Check out this recipe and post to see the 4 ingredient variations you can make.

Why Is Everyone Obsessed With Pumpkin?

Here’s the deal. The reason why people go pumpkin crazy in the fall is because of our bodies.

Did you know the human body actually craves pumpkin and squash? During the fall, our bodies need the vitamin A and antioxidants that are included in pumpkin.

Looking for an easy pumpkin recipe for fall and Thanksgiving? These pumpkin spice ritz bars are no-bake, quick and delicious.

The antioxidants boost our immunity for those long winter days full of germs. Pumpkin has lots of fiber too, so that helps keep our energy up when we haves natural light to pep us up.

Most seasonal fruits and vegetables are essential for our health, which is why we need to add them in any way we can.

BONUS: canned pumpkin have the same benefits as fresh! All of these recipes use canned pumpkin, so they’re all affordable and easy.

Canned pumpkin shortage? No problem!

Recently, I heard there is actually a canned pumpkin shortage this fall season. Can you believe that?

The awesome part is while there may be a canned pumpkin shortage, there isn’t a shortage of fresh pumpkin.

I love to roast small pumpkins in the slow cooker. I can always find the smaller pumpkins on sale in the fall, and it’s way easier than roasting them in the oven.

This post shares the easy way to roast small pumpkins in the slow cooker.

Delicious Pumpkin Snacks List For Families

Easy Pumpkin Snacks Everyone Loves

Looking for pumpkin snacks to make this fall? These are the most delicious pumpkin snacks, and a few are even healthy snacks!

What’s on your favorite delicious pumpkin snacks list? Let me know below!

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