Projector and HULU Giveaway!

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This week’s giveaway is all about family time. Enter to win our projector and HULU giveaway!

Projector and HULU Giveaway!

This giveaway is one of my favorites so far, since it focuses on hanging out together, and watching a show or movie.

We love watching things together and have quite a few family movie reviews on our site, so this just fits perfectly!

Item included in the giveaway

The HD Digital Projector is so cool!

You project any show or movie on a large wall, or if the weather permits, on your garage door or side of your house.

Let’s HULU with a gift card!

The $25 HULU gift card can be used to buy any movies or full seasons of shows you know your family will love to watch.

We have found so many new favorites on HULU since the start of quarantine!

How To Enter

As usual, we’re making the entry to win this Projector and Hulu giveaway super easy.

In the comments below, tell us your favorite holiday movie! We just may compile this list and share on our Facebook page.

This giveaway ends Thursday, November 27th. Good Luck!

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  1. 11.20.20
    Karen H said:

    Die Hard 🙂

  2. 11.20.20
    Julie B said:

    My favorite Christmas movie (and all time favorite of any genre) is It’s a Wonderful Life!

  3. 11.20.20
    Heather said:

    Ooo, my favorite holiday movie has to be National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It was one of the father-in-law’s favorites and each year he was alive he would come for Christmas Eve dinner (which was a late lunch) the girls would open their jammies and then we would watch this together and then end the night with the candlelight service at church.

  4. 11.20.20
    Jamie Sitler said:

    Home Alone
    Polar Express

  5. 11.20.20
    April L. said:

    Thank you for the giveaway! I think we have a new favorite holiday movie this year: Jingle Jangle!!

  6. 11.20.20
    Lisa said:

    My fave holiday movie would be Home Alone.

  7. 11.20.20
    Michelene said:

    The Polar Express

  8. 11.20.20
    Kristin K. said:

    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

  9. 11.20.20
    Michelene said:

    Jingle Jangle is our newest favorite.

  10. 11.20.20


  11. 11.20.20
    Dana Schafer said:

    I love Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. The squirrel scenes kill me every time!

  12. 11.20.20
    Sarah said:

    Kid friendly: Klaus (on Netflix)

    This mama’s fave: The Holiday

  13. 11.20.20
    Andrea said:


  14. 11.20.20
    Jessica McKillip said:

    Not sure it’s considered a movie, but my holiday go to is Charlie Brown’s Christmas. The gentle reminder of what the season is really about is truly my favorite way to relax re-group with my family. It always seems to be playing in my house at the perfect time when I’m stressed about everything else, and need that gentle nudge to be in the moments not worrying about the commercialism.

  15. 11.20.20
    Patricia Clingman said:

    My favorite Christmas movie is Elf!

  16. 11.20.20
    Leslie Johnson said:

    Elf and Die Hard. Oh yeah, and Gremlins!

  17. 11.20.20
    Kerry Allen said:

    Elf! Makes me laugh out loud every time!!

  18. 11.20.20
    Jenn said:

    Definitely Hone Alone!

  19. 11.20.20
    Rochelle said:

    Elf for sure!

  20. 11.20.20

    Deck the Halls, I love the competition and the resolution of that movie. Makes me laugh and feel the spirit fiercely!

  21. 11.20.20
    Katie Williams said:

    Claymation Rudolph

  22. 11.20.20
    Patti L Miller said:

    We have so many ! It’s a Wonderful Life! Is THE BEST! I also love Polar Express, A Christmas Story! Of course White Christmas, which is the Hibs’ favorite!

  23. 11.20.20
    Kathy M. said:

    The Christmas Carol(with Jim Carrey’s voice)

  24. 11.20.20

    Every year my husband and I watch Die Hard 1 and 2 while putting up our Christmas tree, but we love watching the Santa Claus trilogy with Tim Allen, and the cartoon Grinch movie with all the kids!

  25. 11.20.20
    Mary Farley said:

    The Grinch – The newest cartoon version has become the favorite but we like all the different versions in this house!

  26. 11.20.20

    My favorite is Scrooge with Albert Finney! It’s always the movie we save for last in our family Christmas movie marathon the week before Christmas!

  27. 11.20.20
    Nicole G said:

    Really hard to pick just one. My top favs – Meet Me In St Louis, Christmas in Connecticut, The Bishop’s Wife. And the classic – A Christmas Carol. But it has to be one of the really old ones. Thx for a great giveaway!

  28. 11.20.20
    Pat Aaronson said:

    It’s a Wonderful Life…

  29. 11.20.20
    Marquita said:

    My newest favorite is Jingle Jangle. I also love Snowy Day.

  30. 11.20.20
    Kealey Bird said:

    Our fav Xmas movie is Christmas Carol and Christmas story thanks for doing giveaway

  31. 11.20.20
    Melanie Williams said:

    Jungle jangle right now is the BEST Christmas Movie!!!

  32. 11.20.20
    Kelley said:

    A year without a Santa Clause!

  33. 11.20.20
    Judy Clausing said:

    It’s a Wonderful Life – can’t wait to watch it this year and re-set!

  34. 11.20.20
    Jessica Streit said:

    Santa Claus: The Movie

  35. 11.21.20
    Emily M said:


  36. 11.21.20

    It’s a tie between National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and Elf for me. Those two movies make me laugh no other. The kids really love the Home Alone series.

  37. 11.21.20
    Bailey Glass said:

    Love Actually is my holiday favorite. It doesn’t feel like Christmas until I watch it while wrapping presents.

  38. 11.21.20
    Kim said:

    The Holiday

  39. 11.21.20
    Jerelyn Ruechel said:

    Love Actually

  40. 11.22.20
    Lynn said:

    Well if I’m alone, any Hallmark Christmas movie works lol As a family, we love watching Elf and Noelle from Disney+. We’re excited to check out Jingle Jangle next weekend. A good day of binging the old Rankin Bass Christmas classics gives me all the holiday feels too.

  41. 11.23.20
    Tyshera irby said:

    A Christmas Story is a must-watch and we watch it on repeat from Christmas Eve to Christmas Day.