Pixar’s SOUL Review – A Parent’s Honest Opinion

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Is Pixar’s SOUL for young kids? While it is animated, it may not be. Here’s a SOUL review for parents that gives a parent’s honest opinion about the new Disney Pixar film.

Pixar’s SOUL Review For Parents – What You Need To Know

With a powerhouse cast that includes Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Phylicia Rashad and Angela Bassett, SOUL was a highly anticipated film once it was announced.

With it now being released exclusively on Disney Plus Christmas Day, even more families are excited to watch it from home in their pajamas.

Our kids love Pixar films, so I figured this one would go over well in our house. Did it? Well, in this post I’ll share what my 15 year old, 10 year old and 6 year old thought of the film.

I’ll also share if Pixar’s SOUL is a good movie for young kids, especially. With some heavy topics sprinkled through the film (the movie is called SOUL, you guys), we need to discuss what this will mean to a younger audience.

The Teen Appreciation

I will say that Pixar’s SOUL connected the most with my 15 year old son. In true Inside Out fashion, the film touches on topics a teen, young adult and full adult would connect to on a deep level.

The “meaning of life” storyline hits right in the heart — for those that get it.

There was also so talk of what it’s like to be a lost soul, what it may feel like to be in a meditative trance, and what a life’s purpose truly entails.


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The Tween Connection with 22

When asked in the virtual SOUL press junket if her character, 22, was inspired by her teenage daughter, Tina Fey chuckled a bit.

When you watch the film, you’ll see exactly what she was asked this question.

22’s sassiness and comedic timing is the perfect representation of a tween or teen girl — at least that’s what my 10 year old daughter told me.

“I would totally react like that” were the words my girl said as we watched SOUL for the second time.

Pixar’s SOUL is a movie tweens will be able to somewhat connect to, but they may have questions about the heavier aspects of the storyline

Use this as an opportunity to talk to them about fear of growth, learning new skills, and what they think their purpose might be.

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Is It For Little Kids? Maybe Not

This is where we have a real conversation about Pixar’s SOUL.

My 6 year old is a huge fan of the Cars and Toy Story movies. If it’s Pixar, he wants to watch.

This one was a little tougher for him to connect to, due to more adult topics. Around the 45 minute mark, he asked to be excused. He seemed bored with the film, which was a bummer.

If I had given him the Pixar’s SOUL printable activity sheets to do while watching, he may have lasted the whole hour and 40 minute run time.

My advice for parents of young ones is to allow them to see the film with you, but be sure to have something for them to do during the viewing.

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Other Concerns

While the topics of the film are heavy, they do provide great talking points for dinner conversations with your kids.

One thing I found funny, but a little shocking, was the repeated use of the word hell by younger animated characters in the film (no spoilers!).

While they only say it during one scene, they do say it quite a bit. That might be an impressionable moment for kids ages 2 to 8. If this is seen as an adult word in your home, you may want to remind them of that after they view that scene.

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In Conclusion – SOUL Is For Some But Not All

My goal with this SOUL review for parents was to share if this film really is for younger kids — and how a younger audience can maneuver the film.

Teens and tweens will fall in love with the visualization, comedy, and inspirational storyline.

Younger kids may have a hard time following the film, and should be given activities to do while watching, or permission to go do something else if SOUL isn’t their thing.

© 2020 Disney/Pixar. All Rights Reserved.

I hope this SOUL review for parents helps you. Disney Pixar’s SOUL will stream exclusively on Disney+ Christmas Day!

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    Michelle said:

    I’m so excited about SUL but it sounds like I need to be in the right headspace to watch it. Thank you, as always, for the thorough review.