Staying Informed With Lysol Germ-Cast™

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Lysol, however all opinions are my own.

Times are so different. Today, I’m sharing how to use the Lysol Germ-Cast™ app to stay in the know about flu season and COVID-19.

We all use apps to get our days going. My family checks the weather, what’s happening in our town and even what’s happening around the world through various apps.

I recently added one more app to our everyday life, and it’s helping me stay informed about the illness environment in our area.

Using The Lysol Germ-Cast™ App

When I found out Lysol developed an app to help us navigate the flu season (and current pandemic), I felt relieved.

Lysol is working to help protect families from illness-causing germs on surfaces, working to share relevant information from health experts on how to help curb the spread of illness.

Over the past few months, we’ve all come to appreciate the information Lysol has shared with us, as well as all of their products that help to keep clean and disinfect our homes. Reminder to please check out the labels to ensure you are using the products effectively!

Lysol Germ-Cast™ is a free app and web plug-in that provides daily data on flu and COVID-19 incidence levels at the county-level, as well as a three-week flu forecast.

Now my family can make informed decisions about how we want to proceed with our daily and weekly plans and that feels great!

The first use of the app is extremely easy. As soon as you allow it to find your location, you are given vast amounts of information about flu and COVID-19 levels in your area.

Deciding On Family Outings

Noting the three-week flu forecast, and the current COVID-19 levels in our area, we’ve decided to mostly stay home during this season.

And thanks to the daily tips and tricks shared in the Lysol Germ-Cast™ app, I’m able to keep up with the best ways to help protect our family while home.

Someone is bound to have to leave the house for some errand or another, and knowing that we can depend on this app gives me such peace of mind!

And going forward, I’m excited to continue to use this app to see when the best times will be for our family to venture out into our community — or if we should continue to enjoy more time in our own safe space.

I know we all miss exploring our city and can’t wait to get back to spending more time out in it. In the meantime, things like family game nights and movie marathons are keeping us busy!

How To Download The Lysol Germ-Cast™ App

Downloading the app is super easy and FREE. Lysol Germ-Cast™ is available in the Apple App Store or on Google Play

How are you keeping safe and healthy during this season? Share with us in the comments below!

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