5 Unique Productivity Tips + A Giveaway!

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed, these unique productivity tips will help you conquer your day, week, and year.

There are so many productivity tips out there, but most of them make you even more exhausted than before you read the article.

In this post, I’m sharing unique and genius tips for busy moms who only have 5 minutes to read this and get back to parenting. Yup, that’s you!

Leave Times Off Of Your Time Blocks

Time blocking is a tried and true productivity tip, but there is a secret way to use it for home management.

Instead of putting times on the hours (5am, 6am, etc), leave the times off the blocks.

Why? Because we all know that sometimes our days can start earlier or later than we plan. This is especially true for moms of younger kids.

By taking the times off, and re-naming them HOUR 1, HOUR 2, etc, you are able to still get things done without the guilt of thinking it had to be done within a certain time of the day.

Meal Plan Proteins First

If meal planning is something that takes up too much of your time, or you avoid it all together, start with the proteins.

Yup, plan the proteins for each night first, which helps you get the biggest part of meal planning process out of the way quickly.

In our post sharing how to meal plan in 5 minutes, I emphasize starting with the proteins first, and assigning them to a weekday.

Once you assign the protein, everything else falls into place, including your side dishes and even the days you decide NOT to cook.

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Create A Weekly Wardrobe Uniform

There’s something about a uniform. It may seem constricting when you have to wear them to work or school, but it makes life so much easier!

The same is true when it comes to having a uniform as a productive parent.

Decide what kind of outfit you will wear for each workday. Yes, wearing your robe all day on Saturdays totally counts, as long as it’s planned.

I do “Muumuu Monday” which means I wear a comfortable dress every Monday. Each weekday has a certain uniform to it.

On days I plan to workout, I allow myself to wear exercise pants with a loose top. The uniform keeps me from wasting time in the closet when I can use that time elsewhere.

Only Purge During This Day Each Month

Purging is an essential part of productivity, especially for parents. Whether it’s getting rid of a little a lot, it’s so helpful to plan a purge day once a month.

But, do you know the right day to pick? Women should pick a day within the week before their period.

I know, it sounds weird. But the female cycle gives us the most “get it done” energy the week prior to our menstrual cycle. Trust me on this.

Creating a meal plan for the month is so simple! This post shares 3 steps to get your monthly meal plan done in 10 minutes.

Finish Your To-Do List 3 Items At A Time

Do you feel overwhlemed by your to-do list? Instead of accomplishing items one at a time, group them in sets of 3.

Finishing tasks 3 at a time gives you the motivation to not only breeze through your list.

It also keeps you from returning to your list after you complete one item, seeing how much more you still have to do, and deciding to give up on the rest.

Place the 3 items you want to accomplish together on a sticky note. Use that note as a hyper-focused version of your larger to-do list.

Once you finish those 3 items, you can go back to your big list to pick 3 more tasks. Keep using this method until you complete your to-do list.

And Now For A Giveaway!

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Good luck!

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  1. 2.13.21
    Julie Bigboy said:

    Such great ideas to stay on track (because I quite often find myself going down the rabbit hole of the Internet and forgetting my to-do list!)

    • 2.15.21
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, Julie! The usual tips only went so far for me, so these out of the box tips always work best for me.

  2. 5.12.21
    Scott Turner said:

    Great way to start a productive day, these are quick and easy steps you can take to encourage yourself to accomplish daily routines. Love it.