Exploring Online School Alternatives

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This is a sponsored post on behalf of Connections Academy.

When it came to school this past year, we’ve all had very unique experiences.

Even in our homeschooling, we weren’t able to learn the way we were used to. There was lots of compromising going on in our home; there were some staples in our schooling we just had to admit we wouldn’t be able to do.

About Online School Alternatives

One thing my parenting friends and I have been talking about lately is how we’d like our kids to be supported in their schooling next year. Our conversations have centered around places and platforms that will honor the way each of our kids learn.

The good news is there are options, even for our homeschool family. An option at the top of our list is Connections Academy.

What Is Connections Academy?

Have you heard about Connections Academy? I’ve researched it for a few years, and this past school year increased my interest in what they can offer my 3 children with different learning styles.

Connections Academy offers full-time, tuition-free, online public school for grades K-12. One thing I really love is that I am able to help my child succeed at school.

Being a part of our kids’ education was a big reason we chose to homeschool, and Connections Academy honors that important part of their schooling. I also knew that one day I’d have to incorporate teachers that weren’t me. Mom can only teach so much!

Great teachers are the foundation of Connections Academy and are specially trained in engaging children in the online classroom. Parents play an active role in their child’s education by helping them stay on track and monitor their progress.

Working Together To Offer The Best Education

My kids need a team to help them learn. It started with my husband and me, then selected family members who are teachers, and finally a few wonderful adults in our community. Now, Connections Academy will be part of the team.

At Connections Academy, parents, students and teachers work together. Teachers provide personal attention to help motivate and engage students in a meaningful way, and they work closely with parents to support student goals in and out of the classroom. 

No two students learn the same way, and Connections Academy embraces that by providing a relevant education that addresses the challenges and accommodates their needs. Parents and teachers work closely together and form a team that encourages and supports your child throughout their learning experience.

Starting This New Journey With Our Teen

After learning all about Connections Academy, we’ve decided to start this journey with our high schooler. He’s at the point of his education where he’s craving more but still loves learning from the comfort of home. We’re so excited to see how Connections Academy will support his love of learning.

If you’re looking to learn more about Connections Academy, and to see if it’s a great option for your kids’ next school year, check out their website: Connections Academy.

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