Our New Year’s Traditions!

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New Year's Traditions

Do you all have certain family traditions that you follow for New Year’s? Does Aunt Beckie always bring her pigs in a blanket or Uncle Joe make his famous hot toddies for the adults around 2am?

New Year’s around here is full of traditions, lucky charms and superstitions. Every year I realize how silly some of them are but I don’t dare keep them from my New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day rituals. Here are a few of the memorable(and sometimes ridiculous) things that we do every year:

-We always go to my parents’ house to ring in the New Year. Mom makes all of the traditional dishes(listed later) and the booze is over-flowing there lol! This is usually the only time of the year where I see all of my family from my mother’s and father’s sides.
-We always eat collard greens and black eyed peas. This is a southern/African-American tradition that must be done every new years. The collard greens represent endless dollars coming to you in the new year and the black eyed peas represent the coins. Most southerners eat black eyed peas or hoppin john on New Year’s Day for good luck.
-We make sure that we have money in our pockets before the clock strikes midnight. Supposedly, if you have money in your pocket at midnight, you will never be without money throughout the year. This is the silliest one to me but every since Hubby and I have been doing it, we’ve had good fortune with our finances. I attribute it to us growing up and taking responsibility for our finances, but I’m sure as heck gonna have a few dollars right in my back pocket again this year! If it ain’t broke…blah blah blah….
-The person you kiss at the stroke of midnight will be the person you spend the most time with during the year. This superstition used to horrify me when I was 14 to 19 and my Dad would go out of his way to be the first person to kiss me on the cheek. I figured I was doomed to live with my parents forever! When we rang in 2006, I ended up kissing my Sonny Boy before I even kissed my hubby. That ended up being the year that I stopped working and became a SAHM. Coincidence? Maybe. The next year, Hubby was the recipient of the first kiss, and that same year, my Mom had “grandma pangs” and requested the company of her grandson quite a bit. This left Hubby and I all on our lonesome more than we ever expected. I Think I’ll kiss Hubby twice this year and see what happens…
– The kids get to toast too! Ok, not a champagne toast, but they all get champagne flutes filled with sparkling cider and get to toast in the new year along with the adults. When I was younger and my mom started letting us do this, my cousins and I thought we were the coolest kids in town. I know see that same look within my little sister, when she and my younger cousins are given their flutes.
-After midnight, 70s and 80s music is put on blast in the living room and we all(about 30 or more of us)boogie for the next 3 hours. Sometimes the party is moved to the basement if my Dad had the chance to set up his Dee Jay equipment, but nonetheless, dancing is key. Nowadays, we “younger folks” play “our” music in the kitchen and have our own dance party.

I just can’t wait until Wednesday! I’m dying to see who will show up this year, what goodies everyone will bring, and how well my New Year’s goody bags will go over(they will definitely include cresst toothpaste!).

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  1. 12.31.08
    Lillie said:

    Hiya! I haven’t “seen” ya over at the GC, so I had to come over and see what’s goin’ on at 4 Hats! We always eat black eyed peas on New Years and we also have money in our pockets, too! BTW, I love your pic that you have up. MississippiPT

  2. 12.31.08
    Jenny said:

    I love our New Year traditions and some of them are like yours – money in pocket, smooches at midnight. We always have to bring a gift to unwrap at midnight – like you do on Christmas (I do it both times so it’s more fun). We toast with champagne and wish all best whoever is next to you. We have a full spread of food to say good bye to old year and to welcome a new one with a full table – hoping that it will be like that all year. The same reason for pre-new year cleaning as it’s a bad omen to have a dirty house for that night. I could go on but it’s more fun in person 🙂

  3. 12.31.08
    Amiyrah said:


    I have that same tradition of a “clean house”! I always make sure that mostly everything is at least tidy and that all the garbages are empty, bills are sent out, and paperwork away. I always feel that the way your surroundings are when that clock strikes 12 is the way that they will be all year. I so thought I was the only one that did this lol! I’ve been tidying up off and on since we’ve been back from Ohio.

    yes I haven’t been to the pound much lately. Hadn’t seen any real reason to post. Hoping the new year will be different. I did post today though.

    it’s not pushing, just being prepared. Have a great new year!

  4. 12.31.08
    Silli Jilli's Life said:

    Never had too many traditions growing up. But I will make sure I have money in my pocket to see how that works out. But I also know that we are blessed already. Might not have money but the bills are paid and we have food. Maybe I shouldn’t push it? lol Happy New Year’s!!!!

  5. 12.31.08
    MyShelly said:

    Black eyed peas and Collard Greens?! Yummmm! We could not possibly bring in a New Year without them. I picked up the hog jowls today and can’t wait to cook it all.
    As far as New Years Eve, we NEVER go out. We spend a quiet evening at home with finger foods and all the kids (even our college age ones). We welcome anybody who wants to come over and the kids can invite friends but, we do not drive anywhere. I worry about crazy people drinking and driving…thankfully, my (grown) kids respect that and do not go out.

  6. 12.31.08
    cheapdate said:

    I knew it , you’re a beautiful person inside and out. You have it all together at a young age and I commend you. You are more aware and knowlegeable than a lot of people twice or three times your age . Your Mama should be very proud of you!

  7. 12.31.08

    I’ll be cooking the black eyed peas for New Years in my new crock pot my husband gave me for Christmas- maybe I’ll have to try the “money in our pockets” tradition this year- couldn’t hurt- right? Have a great time at your family party!