The Amish Village #VisitLancaster

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Disclosure: My Family and I were invited to this blogger media trip. All opinions and experiences are my own.

Amish Village, Ronks PA, #VisitLancaster

Located right outside of Strasburg, The Amish Village is a great learning experience for adults and kids alike. The family and I were fortunate enough to visit The Amish Village this past weekend, and the kids haven’t stopped talking about it. It was educational, beautiful and full of fun for everyone. Whether it was petting a calf (my husband’s favorite part of the visit), feeding the animals at the petting zoo, or visiting the Marketplace and stocking up on goodies (my favorite part), each of our family member had a blast.

Singer Sewing Machine, Amish Home

First off, we were given a tour of the Amish House. Our tour guide, Betty, did a wonderful job of explaining the simplicities of Amish life, most of which are still practiced today. It was exciting to see a vintage Singer sewing machine in the dining area of the house. Since the Amish make most of their clothes, a tried and true sewing machine is needed and they know which ones are best. In an Amish family, the wife does all of the sewing. If she has daughters, they are also taught how to sew as they get older. A usual Amish house will only have one mirror, located near the kitchen sink. It’s only used to assist the men with daily shaving, and for the women to properly place their bonnets on their heads first thing in the morning. The Amish frown on anything that has to do with vanity, so they don’t even have pictures of themselves on the walls.

Decorative plate, The Lord's Prayer, Amish Home

We also saw the bedrooms of a typical Amish family. These rooms were all connected, most without doors and none with closets. The Amish feel that all things should be out in the open so it doesn’t seem like you’re “hiding” something. I love that idea.

My favorite part of the house was the Summer Kitchen. This residual kitchen was located underneath the house, in the “basement” of sorts. The Amish women use this area to cook during the summer, so the house doesn’t get too hot. This means bread and pie baking all year round!

How horses are used in Amish Life

The kids really enjoyed the petting zoo. My daughter loved the miniature horse and my son read every sign he could find to learn why an Amish family would have these animals on their farm. He was pretty interested in the fact that horses are used for just about anything, especially tilling the farmland and transportation. My husband was just happy that he got to pet a calf for the first time ever. Did you know that the Amish used to keep peacocks on their farms? They make loud noises when they sense danger nearby, so they were just as good as dogs, but eat way less. Genius!

petting a calf, Amish Village, PA

Peacock on call, Amish Village PA

Lastly, you know that I had to hit up the Marketplace. It was filled with jams, jellies, raw and flavored honey, and lots and lots of candy. I’m not ashamed to say that we went crazy in there.

Wall of jams, jellies and preserves, Amish Village PA

Purchases at the marketplace, Amish Village PA

We had such a wonderful time that we promised the kids we’d come back for another visit, possibly in the Fall. I’d love to take The Amish Village Backroads Bus Tour to get an even deeper look at Amish life. And by then I’ll need to restock my preserve stash, so it’s a win-win. If you’d like to take a video tour, feel free to do that HERE. And if you’re planning a vacation (or staycation for those of us in the try-state), add The Amish Village to your plans.

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  1. 5.7.13
    Jeannette said:

    That looks like an amazing place to visit! My son is really into history so I’m sure he would love it.

    • 5.14.13
      Amiyrah said:

      He would love it! My son is into history as well, and he had a wonderful time learning new facts and asking lots of questions.

  2. 5.7.13
    Lindsey G said:

    This looks like such a neat place to visit. My Mom has always wanted to travel to Amish Country, I’ll have to show her this!

    • 5.14.13
      Amiyrah said:

      Lindsey, it really is great. You should take your Mom on a Mother/Daughter trip! They have lots of bus tours there. Just make sure you save up so you can buy lots of Amish goodies :).

  3. 5.7.13
    Mariah said:

    I think it would be so interesting to visit Amish country once my son is older.

    • 5.14.13
      Amiyrah said:

      It’s a great place for kids! My daughter is 2 and really enjoyed everything. I hope you can go visit soon!

  4. 5.7.13

    I love peeking in someones back yard! Looks like you had a great adventure!

    • 5.14.13
      Amiyrah said:

      It really was amazing, Tammy. A great place for a vacation or staycation with kids.

  5. 5.8.13

    Very cool trip. It’s good to expose children to different lifestyles. And seriously how cool to pet a baby cow? I remember the first time I saw one IRL and up close. Being a city girl I was SO amazed.

    • 5.14.13
      Amiyrah said:

      It was amazing to see that calf. It was so calm and sweet. We’re planning to go back soon since the kids loved it so much.

  6. 5.17.13
    Kathyattraverse said:

    We were just in Lancaster and actually 20 of us had dinner at the home of a young Amish couple with their three children. His mother used to do this and now they are. It’s by word of mouth and you pay so much a person. Nothing is advertised. It is served family style. Beautiful new home and not one light switch in it. Lights, fridge, etc. run by propane.

    • 5.17.13
      Amiyrah said:

      That’s amazing, Kathy! Now that is something I think our family would really enjoy. We really fell in love with the Amish community while we were there.