64 Dollar Grocery Budget at Target

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A 64 dollar grocery budget can seem daunting, especially in a store like Target. With it’s vast array of items, from furniture to gardening items, and clothing (my favorite section), you wouldn’t think a small grocery budget would work at Target.

Well, I took on the challenge of using our weekly 64 dollar grocery budget to see how far I could stretch it at our local Target. Here are some tips that might help you shop wisely at Target.

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

Proteins Come First

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

Proteins are the highest price at Target, so they will take up a big chunk of your budget. If you shop the meat area first (if you eat meat), then you’ll be able to see how much of your budget will be left once you throw those items into your cart.

On this trip, we found 1 pound of ground beef for 4.49 with a 1.00 off coupon on each package. This was a bit high for our budget, but I knew that I would be able to stretch 2 pounds within 4 meals.

I also grabbed an almost 4 pound chicken for 1.89 a pound. Again, a bit high for us, but I know how to stretch a roast chicken like nobody’s business.

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Check the Fruit and Vegetable Aisle for Grocery Budget Deals

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

From proteins to fresh fruit and vegetables may seem like an obvious transition in your shopping experience, but there is a reason why it’s so simple. If you’re looking to stretch your proteins, hearty vegetables are what you’ll want to invest in next.

I found sliced mushrooms and pints of strawberries on sale 2 packages for 3.00, and a 5 pound bag of russet potatoes for 1.99. I did grab an 8 ounce bag of fresh Green Giant asparagus for 1.99, even though I knew the price was high.

I had a great idea for a few meals using it, so it went into the cart. If you don’t eat meat, this is where you can allot your protein budget to stock up on vegetables and alternate proteins like mushrooms and tofu (which they had in the produce section).

Search Aisles for Supplemental Meal Items

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

Once you get the most expensive parts of your budget filled, you can start looking for side dishes and other forms of protein to add to your cart. I knew I wanted to search for great deals on beans, whole wheat pasta, canned fish, canned tomatoes, and frozen vegetables.

It turned out that all of these items, except the beans, were at decent prices. By purchasing the Market Pantry brand from Target, I saved an amazing amount. I was impressed with the prices of Market Pantry items all over the grocery section.

One of my favorite finds was a sale on frozen vegetables. I got 5 bags for 3.97, plus I used a mobile coupon to get them 5% lower.

Did you know? Most “store brands” really are the name brands just with a no-frills package. By not paying for the “label” you’re getting the same product for a lower price, so take advantage!

Stock up on Dairy (or non-dairy) Items

In our family, this section of our grocery budget is the last one we visit when we shop. We have 2 kids that drink soy/almond/coconut milk, a husband that loves 2% milk by the gallon, and a mom (me) who can only have lactose free milk, but doesn’t drink it very much.

Dairy is loved here, but we can do without it from time to time, which is why we grab it last, if the price is right.

Target had a dozen eggs for 99 cents, so I grabbed 4. This will provide yet another protein for our meals for the week.

I also grabbed 2 bags of shredded cheddar cheese to use for 2 meals during the week. Since I was out of milk, I grabbed Market Pantry 2% lactose free milk and Market Pantry 2% milk for my husband.

One last purchase was a 32 ounce tub of plain yogurt that will be used for the kids’ snacks and in recipes for the week.

Use the Target App to keep your grocery budget!

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

This is essential to shopping responsibly at Target. The Target app saved me over a dollar off my groceries.

That may not seem like much. But, when those savings are off cheese, milk, tortillas, canned tomatoes, potatoes, strawberries and frozen vegetables, you thank the mobile app gods for those extra pennies.

Then, while wrapping up our shopping trip, I spied this treasure:

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

This is where Target wins. They release great coupons like this through text messages, their app, and as a printable on their website.

I immediately went from spending about 68 cents over budget to almost 10 dollars under! Want to know what our final tally was?

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

Total paid was 53.08 after the app savings and the surprise 10 dollars off.

I had 7 dollars to use to either update a few of our finds to organic products, stock up on more fruits and veggies, or save for next week’s budget.

I also purchased enough items to take care of breakfast, lunch and dinner for six days (with one day dedicated to leftovers).

 To see what meals I created from this grocery score, check out this post: 64 Dollar Grocery Budget – Target Breakdown.

Want to know how to grocery shop at Target, and do it with a small grocery budget? Here are the best hacks to use now.

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  1. 4.17.14

    Okay I did not know about this Cartwheel App!!…I love every darn bit of this post!!!!

    • 4.17.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Thank you, Sharelle! The Cartwheel app is amazing. So many savings in once place.

      • 4.13.15
        Renee said:

        I always ‘cartwheel’ at target!! i love using totallytarget.com before i go too. it takes a while to learn how to navigate their site without getting overwhelmed. but once you get a system, it helps me find savings i wouldn’t have known about. i also often combine with target mobile coupons (delivered via text) and stack ibotta or checkout 51 after the trip. 🙂 thanks for the tips!!

  2. 4.17.14
    Gina said:

    I buy a lot of my canned goods at Target (love their store brand for almost everything) and am excited to stock up this week with that $10/$50 coupon. I usually go about once a month and stock my pantry with cans, tortillas, etc. The text coupons are great for produce and dairy.

    • 4.17.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Gina, they just released another mobile coupon for 10 dollars off 25 dollars of paper products too. Time for a spring stock up!

  3. 4.17.14
    Mandi said:

    Wow!! This just proves you just need to know HOW to shop. This is an amazing post and I’m about to download this cartwheel app right now!

    • 4.17.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Yay! Thanks for commenting, Mandi 🙂 .

  4. 4.18.14
    Patricia said:

    Okay I am convinced. I am heading over to download the cartwheel app today before my shopping trip to Target. I love the tutorial in black and white on how to save and live well frugally.

  5. 4.18.14
    Emily said:

    Love the cartwheel app, it really does save money! I try to look at it before I go and pair it with the coupons from the regular target app and really save

  6. 4.22.14
    Shannon said:

    They also have the Target debit card that you save an extra 5% off your entire purchase. It comes right out if your bank account.

    • 4.22.14
      Amiyrah said:

      Great tip, Shannon! I love that they offer a debit card as well as a credit card. Debit cards are a great option for those of us looking to reduce debt.

  7. 4.24.14

    I appreciate your shopping goal! I used to feed my family on 50 a week at wal mart! We have moved away from shopping there but it really met our needs at the time and it is doable

  8. 4.24.14
    Stephanie White said:

    I keep hearing or reading about this Cartwheel app and your the first person to actually say what it was – thank you so much! I will defintely be looking into Target now 🙂

  9. 4.26.14

    THis is awesome. Did you miss the cartwheel deal for the bagged potatoes. I ended up getting them for $.99. A deal!

    • 4.27.14
      Amiyrah said:

      I didn’t have that coupon as an option! I’ll have to check to see if it’s on there now, and stock up on potatoes for the coming weeks. Thanks!

  10. 5.6.14

    WOW this is amazing! so glad I found your site! I never would think to go to target for groceries but u just may change my mind…off to download cartwheel!

    • 5.6.14
      Amiyrah said:

      So happy to read this, Keitha! Please come back and let us know how things turn out for you. Good luck!

  11. 7.23.14

    I recently started buying more of my groceries at Target since the red card saves me 5% off everything, and I always find great clearance deals on the food there. Thanks for your ideas!

    • 7.24.14
      Amiyrah said:

      You’re so welcome! That Red Card is such a money-saver as well. I love that they offer it in credit and debit form. Great for those of us on a budget that aren’t looking to add another credit card to our responsibilities.

  12. 2.1.15
    Marie said:

    That is a very impressive haul for only $54. I cannot believe the $10 off of $50 coupon, that’s nearly 20% off of your bill. Amazing.

    • 2.2.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Thanks so much, Marie! I’ve used that $10 off $50 coupon quite a few times since. Target offers it through ecoupon or text, so keep a look out for it and stock up!

  13. 5.11.15
    Melissa said:

    I love shopping at Target. I have a few extra tips for shopping at Target.
    1. Get the Target Red Card. Yes one of them is a credit card but the other one is hooked right to your checking and can save you 5% off each time you use it.
    2. There are 4 different ways to save with coupons
    ~ Cartwheel
    ~ Text Coupons
    ~ Manufacture Coupons
    ~ printed Target Coupons
    **Bonus is you can use all of them on one item!**

    • 5.11.15
      Amiyrah said:

      Hi Melissa! We talked about the cartwheel app and the text coupons in the post. That’s how I saved so much without clipping anything. The main point of our budget is to not have to deal with clipping coupons, or printing off coupons to waste paper. We also want to eat as many whole and non-processed foods as possible. It’s a task, but I seem to be able to get it done, and Target is a great place to do it!

  14. 9.15.15
    Kathe said:

    I agree with Melissa about the Target Red Card. They have 2 types, one credit card and the one Melissa mentioned linked to your bank account. I find it is like writing a check. The money is deducted from your checking account generally 2-3 days after your trip. In a given year, I save about $300 at Target using the Red Card. If you buy prescriptions there, you can earn an additional 5% coupon after a certain number of Rx’s are filled. Another perk is free shipping for items purchased on Target.com.