Supermarket Sweep Is Back! 10 Fun Facts About The Reboot

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Yes! Supermarket Sweep, the beloved game show from the 1990s, is back on TV! It airs every Sunday on ABC at 8pmEST/7pmCST.

10 Fun Facts About Supermarket Sweep 2020

I had the pleasure of interviewing the executive producers of the reboot of this fan-favorite.

SUPERMARKET SWEEP – ABC is bringing back classic TV game show “Supermarket Sweep,” premiering SUNDAY, OCT. 18 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC/Eric McCandless) LESLIE JONES

Leslie Jones, Alycia Rossiter, and Lenny Marcus shared some fun things we need to know before we all tune into ABC this Sunday evening.

Supermarket Sweet is back! Here are 10 fun facts you need to know before watching the reboot, and why Leslie Jones is the best host!
SUPERMARKET SWEEP – “Give Me The Roses, Richard!” – ABC is bringing back classic TV game show “Supermarket Sweep,” premiering SUNDAY, OCT. 18 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC) JALEAH WILDER

Yes, Supermarket Sweep host Leslie Jones is actually one of the executive producers of the show! That’s one of the fun facts I loved about this interview.

Because of her being an integral part of the show, we could feel the passion she has for its comeback. When you watch the show, you’ll see it too.

SUPERMARKET SWEEP – ABC is bringing back classic TV game show “Supermarket Sweep,” premiering SUNDAY, OCT. 18 (8:00-9:00 p.m. EDT). (ABC/Eric McCandless) SUPERMARKET SWEEP

Here’s the full list of the fun facts shared during the interview:

10 Fun Facts About 2020 Supermarket Sweep

10 Fun Facts About The New Supermarket Sweep

The Prizes are Upgraded

During the reboot, the big prize is now $100,000, which is a big increase from the $5000 prize.

Leslie shared there are also ways the teams are able to earn 50,000 and 25,000 dollar prizes, as well.

Leslie Jones is The Key To The Reboot

Alycia shared that Leslie Jones was actually the person who brought the reboot idea to the network, and told them they need to bring this show back on air immediately.

Because of her passion, we'll all get to see a new version of this nostalgic show!

Teams Get To Customize Their Sweatshirts

Supermarket Sweep fans remember the famous team sweatshirts.

Well, in the Supermarket Sweep reboot, each team gets to customize the style of their shirts to reflect their personalities.

From fringe to flutter sleeves, we'll see it all!

Safety On The Show

Masks and shields were required on set and there was a compliance team.

The cast and crew took pride in the fact that they could employ people during a time when it was tough to find work.

Leslie directly talked to each contestant before the show to let them know they were safe, and were going to have a good time.

When Picking Contestants, Variation Is Key

Executive producer Alycia Rossiter commented on that fact that they wanted variety on the show.

She said we're seeing 'the same kinds of faces" on game shows, and they wanted to make sure the show represented the people we see everyday.

There Was An Almost Proposal

When asked about bloopers and fun moments on the show, Leslie admitted that she tried to get someone to propose on the show. She almost succeeded!

We all have to tune in to see which episode includes this "almost" proposal.

The Frozen Turkeys Are Back!

When I asked about any Easter eggs long-time fans may recognize on the new Supermarket Sweep, co-executive producer Lenny Marcus proclaimed "the frozen turkeys are back!"

We'll also get to see the inflatables and the return of the giant teddy bears. Oh, and lots of falls. Falling down the essential to a good Supermarket Sweep episode.

The Star of The Show Is The Host

Both Lenny and Alycia agreed that the true magic to this reboot is Leslie.

"In the past, the show was the star. This time, it's the host."

Leslie Jones brings a joy and much needed comic relief to the fast paced, hour long show.

She Was Made For This

When Leslie was asked how she comes up with her amazing one-liners and comedy sets, she admits that it's all God-led.

She says God is way funnier than we think, and she just says what He puts into her mind at the time.

"I think I was made for this" is what she shared when reflecting on how natural is was for her to host a game show.

We Need The Nostalgia

As we wrapped up our interview, Leslie, Alycia and Lenny all commented on how much this show is needed right now.

There's a stability is seeing the nostalgic shows we grew up with, and the joy within them.

This Supermarket Sweep return gives us the hope and fun we all need this year.

When asked why we gravitate to reboots, especially this year, Alycia shared "We haven't had very good luck this year, and game shows are about luck."

Leslie also shared another reason why Supermarket Sweep is so beloved, and why we're all excited about it's return:

"Everybody gotta eat and everybody goes to the grocery stores." Amen to that!

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Hosted by Leslie Jones, Supermarket Sweep premieres Sunday, October 18 at 8|7c on ABC!

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