June grocery savings

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Not too shabby this month! I saved more than I spent so that always makes me happy. I also like that there are a few organic items in there again. I feel like the “turtoise” when it comes to this organic thing but thats ok! I’ll still win the race! Remember, this includes all toiletry items, all baby care items(diapers, baby wash, wipes), and all cat items.

Total amount of items: 296
Total amount of coupons: 122
Total before coupons and discounts: 634.18 (of which 13.54 was organic product)
Total AFTER coupons and discounts: 239.37(of which 6.34 was organic products after coupons)
Total saved: 394.81 or 63%
Amount of free items: 69
Amount of re-usable bag credits: .40

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