Shopping for new clothes….in my own closet!

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This is one of my favorite things to do every spring. Like many other like-minded frugalites, I love to shop the end of season clothing sales for great deals that I will be able to wear the next year. It feels like I’m treating myself while I still save a great amount of money.
Pictured are 5 spring pieces that I bought during this past fall and winter season. I put them away as soon as I bought them and didn’t remember that I had even purchased them until I pulled out my spring wardrobe last week. Now, although these items were purchased during end-of-season sales, it’s still a possibility for me to go overboard with what I get during the sales. Here is what I do to curb these types of purchases:

1. One in…one out. If I plan on buying something new to add to my wardrobe, I first have to get rid of something similar to that item. This rule is great because it causes me to do 2 things: go back home and see what I am willing to part with, thus giving me time to think over the (rather small) purchase, and it also keeps my amount of clothing down to what we only have space for. This especially great for a shoe addict like me: I am not allowed to get a new pair of shoes until I get rid of a pair. Something this pisces has a very hard time doing.

2. Drop off the “old” items at the thrift store. I love this because although I may be getting a great summer shirt in the winter for 75% off, I can take the summer shirt I am getting rid of right to the consignment shop or thrift store and get some money back for it.

3. Keep it classic and solid. Even though my fashionista friends may be able to follow the trends, I tend to try not to spend money on these items that won’t last long in my wardrobe. I love to pick classic pieces that I can wear once that season comes back. I stick with blazers, dark jeans, solid colored shirts and small floral patterns. These are all great things to wear out to church, the movies or on date night with Hubby.

4. If you really like it, grab 2. This tip I can’t say enough. If I find a great top or pants that actually fit, are in deep discount, and there are a few of them in my size, I buy more than one. Lots of women can relate to this: It’s sometimes hard to find items that fit you like a glove, so finidng them on sale is a bit of a God-send. This rule is a bit difficult for me when following my number 1 rule, but it’s worth it.

5. Look at the labels. This is something I’ve learned since becoming a wife and mom, and realizing how much laundry you have to wash when you have a family. I now make sure I check the labels of everything I purchase, staying away from most artificial fabrics and items that need to be dry cleaned. Cotton is the fabric of choice in this household and holds up so well. If I’m able to find a great cotton or denim piece on deep discount, I see it as a double bonus. They last for quite a long time, and are great items to sell to the thrift stores when those times arrive.

6. Keep an eye out for the future. I do this for Sonny Boy’s clothes the most. If I see lots of short sleeve shirts that are a few sizes bigger than his size now, I’ll grab them up. I also do this for maternity clothes(since that season in life will be arriving again soon, God willing). I really love doing this for Sonny because when seasons change and I get nervous about his wardrobe from last year being big enough, I open up his seasonal tupperware tote and see brand new(or new to us) items that are just the right size.

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  1. 5.14.09
    Tiffany said:

    I couldn’t agree more with rule #4. My hubby is like do you really want 2-3 pairs of the same jeans or 2-3 of the same type of shirt (usually differnt colors) but he has no idea how hard it is to find clothes I like that fit.

    OH I’m trying your recipe for carmelized onions today, it smells yummy and I’m looking forward to some french onion soup tomorrow.

  2. 5.14.09

    I love rule #4! I practice that rule as often as I can – though finding clothes my size that fit well on sale, doesn’t happen often enough. Which is a blessing in disguise, I’m sure.

  3. 5.14.09
    Amiyrah said:

    TIffany and Anne,

    Yes! I’m glad I’m not the only one that does it. Hubby used to think it was weird until I started to get doubles or triples of shirts that he actually liked lol. Now he loves seeing his “favorite shirts” in different colors all through the season.


    I can smell those onions right now! We’re using some tomorrow for caramelized onion BBQ pizza. I used the onion butter earlier this week as an accent taste in my turkey noodle soup. Yum!

  4. 5.14.09
    Precious said:

    I love #4 also! I buy in bulk. When I find shorts that fit and are a good deal, I will buy 6-12 pair.