Wubble Bubble Ball Review

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The Wubble Bubble Ball is the hot new toy – and it is no wonder! Check out this full review from a mom of three!

This is a great Wubble Bubble Ball Review post, written by a mom of 3.

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Our family has a new obsession and its name is Wubble Bubble Ball. You know, that new must-buy toy for the holiday season. The one that blows up into a 3 foot tall ball that looks eerily like a real bubble, but doesn’t pop. Yes, that Wubble Bubble Ball.

I have to say that I was leery about this one. It looked cool and all but I was so sure that there was something odd about it. I mean, a ball that looks and feels like a bubble just has to be wrong, right? Well, it wasn’t. It was actually pretty magical. Frank Landi, the president of NSI and creator of Wubble Bubble Ball, decided to make a toy for his kids that begged for a real bubble to play with. I get it, kids love bubbles. Heck, everyone loves bubbles! It makes perfect sense that this toy is a Family Fun Toy of the Year winner and marked as a top toy for the holiday season.

This is a great Wubble Bubble Ball Review post, written by a mom of 3.

The kit includes the special pump to blow up the Wubble Bubble Ball. We had to make sure there was a tight seal on the pump in order for it to blow up, but once we accomplished that, it was pretty easy to fill it up.

We enjoyed bouncing it around in our small apartment and outside in the yard. It’s great because it is a very light and pliable ball, so I didn’t cry when the kids bounced it near the fine china. OK, we don’t have fine china, but we do have things that could break with one hit of a hard ball.

I have to admit, the ball did get pretty dirty once we took it outside, but the instructions state that it is washable. While is wasn’t as shiny and new as it was beforehand, it did wash off fairly well.

The best part of our family fun was seeing the kids play with the Wubble Bubble Ball. They squealed, ran, and laughed.

They enjoyed themselves, outside of the house, without the use of an app or video game. It was like watching my own childhood for a bit. Toys that make memories will always be on our holiday wish list.

Have you heard of the Wubble Bubble Ball? Is it on your kids’ holiday list this year?

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