Food and Wine Fun in Upstate NY #NYSDairyTour2014

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Food and Wine Fun in Upstate NY #NYSDairyTour2014

During our time in Upstate New York, we had the privilege to spend time at the New York Wine and Culinary Center. We learned how to utilize the local diary items in a delicious meal, thanks to Chef Jeffory McLean, or Chef Jeff for short.

All of the guests were given parts of the meal to cook, and I was extremely excited to have my husband attend this cooking session. See, he isn’t much of a cook. He has his few meals that he can rock, but for the most part he’s our professional delivery orderer.

Food and Wine Fun in Upstate NY #NYSDairyTour2014

We were in charge of making the cheese crisp cups. I let my dear husband take the reigns on all of this, while I enjoyed a few glasses of the tastiest Riesling I’d ever had. He carefully placed the shredded parmesan on the parchment-lined cookie sheets.

He watched intentionally as the cheese melted. We ended up having to use 3 different ovens since there were so many others who needed to use them.

Food and Wine Fun in Upstate NY #NYSDairyTour2014

He shaped the cups, and cursed himself when one or two didn’t work out. It was adorable.

Food and Wine Fun in Upstate NY #NYSDairyTour2014

Then he placed the shredded chicken in each cup. He stood back and admired his work. He made a thing! I was so proud of him.

Food and Wine Fun in Upstate NY #NYSDairyTour2014

By the end of our cooking session, all of the guests had created roasted garlic and red pepper yogurt spread with crudite, inside out poutine — cheese curds surrounded by mashed potatoes, breaded and deep fried with a side of brown gravy, and cheese crisp cups filled with pulled bbq chicken and topped with a Greek yogurt sauce. For dessert, we had brownie cups topped with local vanilla ice cream and drizzled with chocolate syrup. It was beyond delicious!

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the New York Wine and Culinary Center. We even expressed an interest in doing a couples getaway back to Upstate New York, and adding one of their cooking classes to the itinerary. We’re so grateful to be invited to the New York State Food and Wine Tour. We learned so much and had a fabulous time. If you’re ever able to go to Upstate New York, do it. It’s so worth the time.

I was invited on a #NYSDairyTour2014 press tour by the American Dairy Association & Dairy Council. The American Dairy Association & Dairy Council provided all meals, travel stipends and accommodations. While we were invited, all opinions expressed in this post are my own.

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