How To Grocery Shop For A Dinner Party

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How to grocery shop for a dinner party

There is an art to grocery shopping for a dinner party. Certain steps need to be made, certain items need to be purchased, and oh yeah, you need to make sure you don’t go over budget! It can get overwhelming, but in Day 6 of Fall Entertaining on a Dime we delve into how to get this important party prep step right. In this post, I’ll share how to grocery shop for a dinner party.

With only one full day left before your dinner party, it’s time to buy the food. There is a caveat to Day 6: if the items in your circular won’t be on sale by the time you reach this day, you may want to shop earlier. Make sure you are able to take full advantage of deals offered during the week. The last thing we would want is for you to visit your grocery store and see that the prices you were expecting are vastly different.

Review Recipes and Use Your Lists

You’ll want to be sure to review the recipes that you’ll be creating for your party, and purchase every single item that you will need for all courses. Your circular list that you created and edited is ready for you to use within your grocery store. This is also the time to double check your pantry list, to make sure all of the items you listed are still available. You wouldn’t want to go into the pantry for brown rice, and find that you used up most of it during the week.

Did you reach the store and saw that something on your list isn’t on the shelves? Contact the manager. Let them know you are planning a dinner party for the week, and would like to be contacted once those items are available again. Most managers are more than happy to contact you, or even find out if they can get a rush order of an item.

Make-­ahead Dessert

Dessert is the magical course that you can prepare ahead of time, and not worry about the day of your party. Did you pick a recipe that you can make today? If so, get the dessert baked now, and store it appropriately. If you’re unable to make it today, prep as much as you can. Set up the dessert platter, wrap it up and place in the fridge. Wash and dry fruits that you will need to use to make the dessert tomorrow.

Think about The Booze

You’ll also want to think about libations. While you aren’t planning a potluck dinner, you can plan potluck cocktails. Guests will love the idea of bringing their favorite drinks to share with others, and you won’t have to worry about adding booze to your budget.

Once you arrive home, start your prep work. Chop up fruits and vegetables, and place proteins in the baking dishes you will use tomorrow. You can also pre­measure sauces, dry and wet ingredients, and store them in small containers in the refrigerator. This is the perfect time to get all small tasks out of the way.

These simple steps for grocery shopping for a dinner party will have you feeling ready to give the best intimate event ever. Did you miss our last few days of dinner party prep posts? Check them out here: Fall Entertaining on a Dime.

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